Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The sophomore curse

Listening to: Eccentric Father's excellent, fun mix

Links for the mixmania! participant's blogs can be found *HERE* (as well as links for the slackers who have STILL not posted their song lists) so you can find out who mixed your gem - or harass one of the guilty if you still don't have your disk.

I'd like all you mixmania! participants to know that I have not received my disk yet, either. So if you're feeling shortchanged, I feel you.

Still, I have faith that mine will arrive.

Sarah, one of the two who has still not posted a list, emailed me today to tell me that her computer died and she should have her mix done by the end of the week. However, I happen to know that she's matched with other person left on "hasn't done their part yet" list, so that's kind of academic.

If you haven't received your mix yet, let me know in the comments. You will get a disk (or two - or three) because I'll cover for the people who haven't stepped up.


Taamar said...

Hmmm... I haven't recieved one, Amy reports that she hasn't recieved one, and you mentioned that Sarah isn't matched with either of us... which means the mail must be running slow (two non-players, at least three wihtout discs). Also, my match didn't blog about getting my mix, so I can't confirm that she received it, though I sent it two weeks ago.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Taamar, you should be getting your mix soon (hopefully), your match was... tardy (to say the least).

Unfortunately, Amy may have to wait for me to mail her mixes of my own since her match is someone not grown up enough to follow through with their promise.

However, I do know of one situation where USPS screwed up. Sterling is a stand up dude and I *know* he mailed his mix to his match but she still has not received it.

And I still haven't received mine.

Silly Old Bear said...

I don't think I've received my disk. I say it that way because sometimes (okay, more often than not) the kids get the mail before I do and it's quite possible they have run off with the prize. But I would think that eventually it would have turned up around the house (my oldest is only seven) and it hasn't.

So, I haven't received a disk yet. But I said that already.