Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yeah, I get to yeah, yeah. yeah you for about five minutes

Listening to: Sterling, again

As disks pass my way on their way to Iraq, I get to listen to everyone's summer, I get to vicariously live what they're living, or lived, or think this is what summer should be. Some of the memories are somewhat like mine and some are alien, another world's summer, beaches on Saturn and walking on the sun.

That's cool (whoever saw that joke walking up all the way from Ipanema deserves a popsicle).

Sterling deserves Six Stars for the disks he sent. He sent shit I love, hot shit, cool shit, shit I wouldn't have heard had his disks not made their way to me by way of mixmania! and bloggervana (I won't claim that one, Skippy).

Spencer's mix (not officially listed because it wasn't for random consumption, although you have a limited abilty to download the disk) likewise blew me away.

It's all good, really - as if I had to tell you. Loads of free music for just being a nice guy and running this gig.

So, if you don't have a disk by the end of the month (before I start the next round of this madness), email me, I'll mail you something, the best of what I got. Not my disk - it sucks compared to some of the disks I've received. Until then, be patient. I still haven't gotten my disk but I know it's on the way.

Because yeah yeah yeah I got it goin' on.

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