Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday night late - too late, alas

Listening to: Benjamin Britten, Cello Suites, 1 - 3

Having invested so much in my "Noble Posts", I missed the fact that Skippy the Bush Kangaroo turned another corner and celebrated a big third birthday today. Tragedy upon tragedy, Skippy fell short of the goal of A MILLION HITS to mark that auspicious occaision. Damn.

Had I been on the ball, my readers would have certainly put him over the mark.

Considering that Skippy has sill not blogrolled me in his yet-to-be-formatted "Left-y Dad Bloggers" category (tha bastid), he's shown himself to have a heart as big as the Golden State (and the Silver State, thrown in) by doing the "Say Hello" for us Z-list bloggers (in fact, he's given me that nod twice) and if you want to show you have a heart at least as big as Barstow, go say "hello" to him and bump him a little closer to the magic mill-yun mark to show that blogotopia (*yhsshctp,a).

In the spirit of Skippy's Bi-state heart, I'll say hello to (and point you to) a couple of blogs worthy of a spot in your bloglines account.

Super Geek's 27 belongs to Heather's (of Just Heather fame) hubs Spencer who kindly mixed a very cool disk to forward onto the troops in Iraq even though he wasn't reciprocated in the mixmania! clusterfuck. Go send him some love.

Gotta' love an ex-Goth (or at least, I do) who says nice things about you in comments regarding your 100 Things About Me post:
As an ex-goth-girl who got routed to your blog (through my niece who was routed here by her sister, also my niece) - I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The 100 Things About Me list was outstanding.

The question is not so much who the two nieces are (although I want to know, dammit!) but where has LouLou been hiding? She's been hiding over at Lou Lou's Cycle of Weirdness being fun and funny and witty and yes, an ex-Goth. Go, go.

Do your how-do-ya-do's and tell em' Patriside sent ya'. For you B4B first time lurkers, welcome. If you read my B4B entry and my Noble posts, you might have been led to the impression that I'm deep and serious. Sorry for that, it was a deep and serious week. Usually, I'm an unapologetic dumbass.

Stick around. You'll see.

(*Yes he still says he coined that phrase, already)


vicki said...

We all know, Jim/Sybil, that you have a wide ranging, fractionated personality and the sensitive,loving insightful, creative, serious side is just a part of who you are...we got that. :-)
I would like ALL of your music please. Start copying now and then on my third blog birthday you can send it to me. I'll need it because I just did the math and assuming my readership never grows or shrinks (hah!) Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo has 5 times as many readers. Today I am 4 months old exactly and sitting at 18668. Heh.
Do you need that APO address? Did you get the U-M jazz cut? Did I get a mixmania CD? (no...) You probably matched me with that nut, Jay.
Seriously,thanks again for the previous beautiful posts. You're a brave heart to revisit that in such an open and loving way.

sarah irene said...

That's my auntie, I'm happy to say! Isn't she swell? Thanks to her, I was the only kid in Podunk, Ontario to know Bauhaus from a 20thC German art movement ... or, for that matter, from a hole in the ground.

Bernadette said...

Benjamin Britten Cello Suites?! I'll stick around!