Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring break, broke, broker, brokest

I start a new job Friday. Told the old job I had places to go but they couldn't follow me there. Then I told them where they could go.

Having achieved A and giving a big finger to B, I've had a week to give to the kids which was serendipitously, their Spring Break. Odd what the universe will do when you're not killing people or stealing gas.

Mostly, I've spent time working on my parent's yard (having no real yard of my own) while the Midget Mafia runs rough-shod on my psyche. Really, I need one of those guns the guy had on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. A little ka-chunk and a needle in the ass, then wrap them in a blanket and put them away while smiling at the camera.

Marni said I needed to stay away from the worms she pulled out of the garden and that indeed, I needed to "pre-tect them against thunder and lightning". That and not use them for fishing.

That I fish merely to read and smoke a good cigar is of little consequence: I must pre-tect the worms.


MizMell said...

I guess Marni thinks you do a pretty good job of "pre-tecting" her so you can do the same for the worms.
Midget mafia: that's so funny. Back when my kids were little, we all referred to them as curtain climbers, ankle biters, or the old standby: young-uns.

Kim said...

awww, but if you show her how cool it is to squish 'em, won't she like that too? So happy to hear you're finding so much simple joy lately love.

landismom said...

Great news about the new job, Jim. Glad you got to spend the week with your kids, too!

trusty getto said...

Hmmmm. Bizarre . . .

I start my new one on Thursday.


Teri said...

I don't even take worms fishing, if I go. I mostly use fishing as an excuse to be in a canoe on a quiet lake somewhere. (okay, so mostly I tag along on the fishin' trips and don't fish myself. Seems cruel to catch them if I'm not planning on eating them...)