Monday, March 19, 2007

Move along, please, there's nothing to see here

We had a little gathering for Marni, Saturday; Blues Clues cake, napkins, cups and cards, kids who cared nothing for Blue's Clues but punted to a minor celebration and handed presents, and there'd be cake and ice cream and something else to do other than sit in front of the television all day or kick around a ball in the back yard. And so it went well despite children injected with massive amounts of sugar. It was a beautiful day.

Guess I didn't expect May weather in March either. Buds on lilacs already, people parking in front of my car, me setting fires on my deck and setting off firecrackers.

Marni’s birthday but this is the spring when Lilly gets to explore, she gets her wings, she gets to go where she wants. Thank God for cell phones and GPS.

Yes, thank God. The world’s not getting warmer, dinosaurs rode on the ark and thank God for cell phones and GPS. A cell phone or a GPS unit is much less complex than a rhinoceros or even a rhinovirus, after all, a mere flick of the wrist in God terms.

God’s just been biding his time, I guess.

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Joe said...

We are all biding are time...God willing.