Friday, May 25, 2007

Of melodies pure and true

Fuzzy birds - no camera but my phone:

Our local zoo tries, tries hard. Regretably, there's not much you can do at this altitude and zone but they've really done much to move beyond the conrete slab/metal cage presentation of animals and although the selection is not that diverse, at least it's not a circus.

The newest display involves free-flying birds, parrots and parakeets and all those kinds of animals (as you saw in the first pic) that may or may not be eager to eat you shit-on-a-stick. Zeke lucked out (as usual), some large tufted bird landed on his head then crawled down his arm to eventually sit on his finger. I wish I had pics of all that but I was busy assuring him that the bird wouldn't peck his brains out, showing him how to put his finger out as a perch, watching the light in his eyes flash as he held the bird on his finger

The girls weren't as lucky, no birds landing on them much less looking for a seed stick. Nonetheless, they found some willing beaks:

And at the end of it, I took three very tired children home to reflect on what they'd experienced, where they'd been and of course, they just wanted to eat and go to bed. However, the proof is in the eternity because, at the end of this day, they're still talking about their experience whereas I'm wondering how I'm going to get my struts replaced.

Kids - heh.


MizMell said...

It's been said that its hard to enjoy the present when you're living in the past or dwelling on the future...

We adults are guilty as charged.

KC said...

That's pretty cool. Which zoo does this?k

vicki said...

I love these pictures! And you are bracing yourself for the zoo tour to end all zoo tours, correct? What day do you arrive and what can I do to make your stay more fun?

(I'm just trying to pretend I didn't completely blow off the meme...slinks away quietly...)