Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mixmania! - Your life story

To all you mothers – I hope your day was full of laughter and burnt French Toast and May flowers. I would have written my own tribute to you mothers but I had my own mothers to contend with, tributes and tribulations.

There’s been a lot distracting me lately, the least of which is my parent’s yard and my urge to make it pretty. Pics to be provided this weekend. There’s a lot more to say but I dunna’ wanna’ jinx it, y’know. I’m a bit superstitious with that and for good reason.

Until then, it’s Saturday as far as I’m concerned; I’ll take players until June 15, disks to arrive by June 27 and then, by July 1 – post your life story.

Have fun - I am... :-D

1 comment:

MizMell said...

I have missed your thought-provoking posts, but understand blogging sometimes must take a backseat to real life.
At any rate, I have selfishly tagged you with a meme, in the hopes it will get you back into the habit of regular blogging.