Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Mixmania! …and another explanation from me (Ho Hum, hmmmm…)

Starting with the next theme (with a nod to the fab-a-lust ~D), I’m asking “What is your life story?”

I know that several of you will be inclined to make multiple disks (the always stellar Mamacita made SIX DISKS last mix!) but I’m putting a two-disk moratorium on this one: narrow down what you want to say about your life into two disks – then WRITE about what sits within the segues, describe the rocks in your streams, each and every rock’s tint, no matter what the stream said then and what it says now.

The stream has been muddy and swift lately; my babies punch me in the stomach like little ninjas in Pooh pajamas. Whenever we go to the park, they’re down at the stream and I’m there behind them, watching, reminding them that whatever goes into the creek changes it forever. Hoping none of them will go into the creek for their, mine, or the water’s life story.

We don’t have tornadoes here but that doesn’t mean random death doesn’t spin this way and that those of us tucked within tall rocks aren’t stuffed safely between the mounds of infinite bosom; remember Columbine.

Whatever dropped into the stream will be fine; rocks, sticks, bodies, dredge whatever’s there and paint it onto 48 songs or so. Something, anything – tell us who you are.


~d said...

SEVEN! That glorious woman sent me SEVEN DISCS filled with some of the most fabu music!
*I get carried away with 3 (and 4)
so HOLLA at the 2 disc limit!

My, my! *your check is in the mail for the fab-a-lust~D comment!


O, and count me in! HAHAHA

sarah said...


Sign my ass up. (Like you had to be told that!!!)

Jugglernaut said...

Can I play Mixmania? I'm new here, but I've been reading about the fun at Mamacita's for ages and thought I might like to give it a try.

alala said...

what are the dates on this?

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Of course you can play, Juggernaut!

Alala, fair question - I'll post the particulars ASAP. Juggernaut's question made me realize I'd forgotten to publish this round's details.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

karen m said...

Hey, stranger! I think I'd like to play again this time. A 2-disc limit is...fair, I think. Although with an assignment like that, it'll be tough.

Smed said...

Oh, I'm in~!

alala said...

Okay, that's a schedule I can live with. Count me in!

samirah said...

oh this is so kick ass! i want to play!

PunchBuggyBlues said...

OK. I think I'm in. It's a tough one.