Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So, while everyone is, uh, hmmm, "blogging" this summer...

Oh, what an adventure we're having this summer. You can see in the picture above how close I got to boardibg the train before I decided to just lay my inebriate bones down and enjoy the view from a bench. If I wasn't so hammered, who knows where I would have gone or if I'd ever return. Besides, I'd have missed being rolled and set afire by friendly local thugs (those compassionate urchins concerned I might catch my death from the chill summer night).

I may have been on my way to a job interview before stopping for a little relief (in oh, so many ways) but I'm not certain. Everything's so fuzzy. God knows I needed a drink. This entire application and interview process has been as demoralizing as it has been depressing. If I haven't been deemed qualified enough for a position, the determination is that I'm over-qualified; if they've haven't already filled the position, they're waiting to convene a committee to commiserate and consider and consume a platter of cheese squares and melon slices. The waiting and rejection and uncertainty is as painful as mastering a B-major on a steel string.

Another cup of coffee, some surfing for jobs and news and scribble in my political blog (thing's a-heatin' up with the 06' election), a walk in the woods; listen to the oh-so-yummy AKA Monty's generosity (2 hot mixes) while I shower. Time to get the kids again. As you see, not everything sucks.

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aka_monty said...

I hope you're recovered from the getting-rolled-and-set-afire incident. :)

I LOATHE the interview thing...I always seem to make a good impression but inside I'm squirmy.
Good luck, honey! Sending happy vibes your way. :)

Enjoy the music! Let me know what you think.