Thursday, June 22, 2006

The ring says it all

The tub I scrubbed last night now has a dark band of dirt - and it's only 2 in the afternoon. Ah, the joys of summer. Up and around 6 hours and they've managed to cover themselves in substantial Manitou acreage. With a few packets of seeds I could discard with the entire bath concept with them and have three little walking, talking planters.

With my employment situation (and subsequent bill situation), it's difficult to enjoy the joys of summer; too much on my mind, no money to spend and divert my attention from the situation. Summer is usually my favorite time of the year but it's been difficult to get into the spirit of the season. Not just because of this huge bummer but also because it's been relentlessly hot with little or no rain. Our usual afternoon thunderstorms have made plenty of noise but down little but stir up the dust.

Naturally, the state is under a complete fire ban. The kids aren't all that enthused about camping if we can't have a fire (for that matter, either am I) and so we haven't spent any nights out in a tent. I know that's a trite complaint considering these mountains (and thousands of homes) could blaze out like a matchbook but my favorite season is thus far a big bomb.

By proxy, the joy is in watching the kids stretching the day out into an extended dusk, rising with the birds, carefree days of nothing but play. It's enough to help me forget what's on my plate right now.

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