Monday, October 10, 2005

Ground Zero minus me and square one equals too tired

Listening to: Lost's SUPERB Mix

How does one start when one has nothing to say other than, frankly, one has nothing to say?

This blog has remained a big blank space for the past week for no other reason than the well's been dry, devoid of original thought or anything even passably interesting.

In the spirit of the season, I submit my hobgoblins to you, for your consideration, and trust such beasties scare up something more than the small-minded foolish consistency that my readers have come to expect. Not meaning to creep up on ya' and go "boo" but it's about all I have at the moment.

Arise zombie: speak and eat some brains.

This past week passed in a pissed off blast of Indian Summer. Cold in the morning, hot as catshit in a pan in the afternoon. "Fall, fall, for fuck's sake FALL," I kept chanting.

Fall arrived today. Finally. Even some snow tonight. As, I said, the Zombie speaks.

Hollow as I am, a husk of what I was, bone dry and crypt cold, I welcome the turn of the planet towards chill. Blow away the wisp of what I was, I'm so over that.

Delapsus Resurgam, When I fall, I shall rise. Everything that falls is renewed as something else, different, maybe better.

Maybe. It's nice to believe that, anyway. At Ground Zero it feels good to believe in something.


Mamacita said...

Your "nothing" far surpasses most people's "something."

Well, it surpasses mine anyway.

You could copy the phone book and I would still read it.

Natsthename said...

Mamacita's right, Papa Jim.

SNOW? Oh God, I'm NOT ready for that yet! Keep it out there, would ya?

Lost said...

Ummm not to be picky or anything but you got the "name" wrong on your "What I'm listening to". Could you maybe change that to Lost? Thanks.

mom320 said...

once again, your words resonate with me. when we come to the end of summer, i feel like i've come to the end of me as well. believing the sun will shine again, but it might be a long time in michigan ...

chip said...

looks like you got your snow! Enjoy!

trusty getto said...

All its doin' here is rainin'. I'd prefer snow! But you got lots and lots! Boy I miss CO. :(

Bernadette said...

I've eaten brains and they're quite tasty!