Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ups & downs

Listening to: Skinny Puppy, The 12" Singles

Rough start today with the wee ones in no mood to hurry to get to school. Not that I'm a morning person, by any stretch of the imagination, but rising and shining is a deed left up to dad, if not done gladly, indeed done with a great deal of shouting and pushing and pulling until all the clothes are on and everyone's snapped into their carseats and ready to roll. The morning aggression of "lock and load".

Growling at my need for coffee and the slug-a-bed attitude of my kids as we roll towards the city, the tone is nothing short of surly. Then, in an instant, I check the rearview and see big eyes glimmering in the morning sun, wide and alert to the passing landscape - my anger melts away. Who could stay mad at these babes?

We get to school and I hug-and-kiss, hug-and-kiss, hug-and-kiss, pat heads and wish a "good day" and then hie me back to the house while I consider how easy it is to forget the minor irritations brought on by small children when the immensity of my love washes away everything that got my day off to a rotten start.

Would it be so easy with the rest of the world.

By the time I had my DUI group together, I was in a fairly good mood: we'd opened up with the reports of our lives over the past week, laughed, taken tonight's topic into letting the little things pass us by, by cultivating awareness of the here-and-now. As we neared the cescendo, the door clicked, and clicked, "What the fuck is that noise?"

"There's some dud sitting out in the reception area."

And indeed there he was, with a toque and a bomber jacket, looking just as annoyed as I felt, annoyed that he'd sauntered into my office and disturbed the groove.

"I was told I could get my intake done tonight," he said, "that you'd be here until 9 o'clock."

"A," I responded, "I won't be here till 9 o'clock and 'B' no one told you that you could get your intake done here."

"Yeah, they did"


"I dunno, some guy. The judge told me I had seven days to get enrolled and I have to have that done by tomorrow and some guy told me you'd be here until 9 o'clock."

"Well, I'm sorry if someone told you that - if anyone DID tell you that - but I have a group here and after this is done, I'm picking up my kids and going home. Besides, the court's don't accept an intake until after you've attended your first class and that isn't going to happen tonight, pal."

It wouldn't have surprised me if someone had indeed told the idiot that he could come into my office and do an intake at ninefuckingpee em but I wasn't about to accept the blame for a moron who had waited seven days - until 9 at night - to keep his sorry ass out of jail. With that kind of irresponsibility (on top of driving drunk), he deserved to be locked up.

After group, I called the main office and left a curt little message relating the experience and, if someone had told the idiot he could come in to do an intake, don't do it ever again. I have kids that I need to get home and make too little money to cover for other people's fuck ups.

I don't expect the rest of the world to be as smart as me but I do expect a modicum of competence in every day life. Apparently, that's too much to ask for. If a Department of Slap-em'-upside-the-head-and-wake-em'-the-fuck-up is ever developed, sign me on, I'll be happy to do my patriotic duty. Too many Americans sleepwalk through life.

I sent the idiot packing, sent my group home, did my notes, picked up my kids and drove them home, to put them to sleep. Tomorrow we'll have another cranky morning but I can sleep well with the knowledge that when I get my kids up in the morning that they won't be sleepwalking.


landismom said...

Oh, is there anything more joyful than the morning scrum, trying to get everyone awake, breakfasted, dressed, bookbagged & off to school? It doesn't seem fair that you should actually have to do work after that. Shouldn't you just get to recover for the rest of the day?

vicki (again) said...

I'm taking great pleasure in the last four posts. As I was heading off to la-la land a week ago you were in the depths of deeespair and that was leaving me sad. You know, Jim, I hate to go public with this, but your children keep you sane. You are so well suited to both blue bucket brigade and bomber jacket ne'r-do-wells and a true maestro when it comes to orchestrating mix-mania. I just love you. It's that simple.

vicki (again) said...

I think I just got the secret code word verification! It was lluykyu. What does it mean?

UsedtobeKeb said...

Mornings to suck. I agree. In fact, I posted on this same issue earlier this week. I guess we all have 'those days' right?

Natsthename said...

"but I do expect a modicum of competence in every day life."

THere's a difference between you and me. I DO NOT expect a modicum of comptetence, so when I get it, I'm pleasantly surprised! :-)

People can be soooo idiotic!