Saturday, September 10, 2005

Zeke's little Big Day

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There should have been more but then, no matter how much he had, it would have seemed insufficient. Not in his estimation, in mine.

Yes, there were presents (several from My Love) which he opened with savage enthusiasm. He awoke to a birthday kiss which he greeted with his full-body grin and a warm "Thank you, Daddy!"

Other than that, this balmy mid-September day was spent close to home and with little celebration.

Had there been more, it still would have been dwarfed by his indomitable spirit. He would outshine any candle lit for him; no party could outdo the celebration of life that is his daily rite. While the rest of the world frets and second guesses itself, while we all awake to the uncertainty of our fortune, Zeke rises with the sun, blazing, unconcerned with clouds or shadows or crisis. Each day for him is to be simply relished. Pleased as he was today that he is now three, this day was no more - nor less - to him.

Almost from the time he was bornm I've called him My Little Laughing Buddha because of his insistence at being incorrigibly happy. His is a persistent elation, an absolute satisfaction with his "suchness", never desiring, never lacking, and almost always ecstatic with each moment as it happens.

Every day he leaps and springs and tumbles through life and doesn't care who sees him. It's as if he intuits that the many who would despise him do not matter nearly as much as the few who, swept up in his revel, would join him, as though he was born singing the line from e.e. cummings, "I would rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance."

His lack of self-consciousness and his refusal to be miserable is enviable. Too many people pay me too much money to achieve a remote glimpse of what apparently comes naturally to him. If I could tap his spirit and sell it as an elixer, I would be shamefully rich - and the world would be a much better place.

Zeke's Big Big Day will come a couple of weeks from now. He shares a September birthday with his sister and so, kind of like a Christmas baby, gets gyped out of a day that should be entirely his. Not that he will notice - or care. As far as he's concerned, each day is a Big Day.
UPDATE: My Love has pictures posted of Zeke and adds her two cents regarding my little man - go check it out!


Mamacita said...

He comes by that sweetness, smartness, and exuberance naturally, you know.

landismom said...

Happy birthday, Zeke! I hope you are always as glad to see the world as that.

lu said...

This isn't the first time and I shouldn't be surprised that once again mamacita has beat me to the punch. I just posted some pics of Zeke over at my place, describing him as exuberant only to swing back over here and find that she had done the very same. : )

Truly, that is one sweet little man you have there. It breaks my heart that I couldn't be there to celebrate his special day with him.

Give him extra birthday hugs and kisses from me!

vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Zeke! You sound like a Tigger of kid! And so loved, too-father and son bring out all that's wonderful in each other. Many happy returns of the day and happy years to come, equally full of life and love!

chip said...

happy b'day to little Zeke! what a great way to be. My little boy is like that too, since he was little just a bundle of zest and happiness and lightness. Now that he's 11 he does get occasional cranky moods but overall is still wonderful. Hope your Zeke keeps his great outlook up!

And great photos over at lu's!

trusty getto said...

Oh, fabulouso, little man!

Happy b-day to the Z-dude! :)

panthergirl said...

Happy Birthday (a little late!) to Zeke... what a happy little boy! Loved seeing the pics of him (and all of you) over at Lu's.