Thursday, September 08, 2005

A week and still weak

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It was a little over a week ago that I wrote about a client going through more shit than anyone should have to endure. We gave him most of the group's time this week but he was more interested in how his government had sold him out this past week.

If you want to read how your govenment sold you out, check out the political arm of this blog - I won't go into it here. All I have to say is God help us if another disaster rolls around.

Since last Thursday (when it became evident how fucked up things really were), I've asked my groups to talk about what they felt. If you're guessing, the majority feel betrayed and angry by the inadequate response by our government. The client dealing with the murdered daughter asked, "If my government can't answer this problem, what happens if a nuke hit us or a bunch of germs were released on us?"

I guess all you Bush supporters can answer that. Shit. As a facilitator, I had to bite my tongue. All I can say is that, of my 60 or so clients over the past week, only two felt like our Federal government adequately answered the disaster.

Let me know what you think. Please. You know where I stand but I promise I won't go after you the same way I went after Jimmie over at Grace's site (but I assume my readers will bother to be honest).

OK, enough of me me being non-political... heh.


karen m said...

You know, my greatest fear is that this is the perfect time for a terrorist attack. The rest of the world has seen how vulnerable we truly are, thanks to the droolers in charge. Don't think that folks aren't taking notice. I've never been more afraid, or felt less safe. Well done, Mr. "President".

Silly Old Bear said...

Another writer hit on something about this entire situation that bothers the hell out of me.

It's bad enough that our emergency responders didn't have it together. (could probably write a book about disaster preparedness or lack thereof)

But something that really bothers me is the feeling that the authorities are actually HINDERING relief efforts. Trucks full of water that are turned back because they weren't authorized. Firefighters sitting in hotels waiting on orders. Ships offshore with medical facilities that are unused. Reporters being turned back because it's "dangerous." Offers from other nations to help that have not been dealt with.

It's like somebody wants it to be worse, instead of better.

Silly Old Bear said...

After I posted the above comment, I ran across this.

I am aghast.

panthergirl said...

Check this out:

trusty getto said...

What do I really think? What about?

You mean about how Bush was on vacation for days after the disaster?

Or about how Cheney was still on vacation a week after the disaster, perusing during that time a new multi-million dollar ranch purchase?

Or about how Rice was caught spending $1000 on shoes the day after the disaster?

Or about the compliments given to FEMA head, Brown, by Bush for the great job he was doing?

Or about Chertoff, Dir of Homeland Seniority (oops I mean Secuirty) speaking on NPR and admitting knowing nothing about the thousands at the convention center right before the reporter there detailed it all for millions across the U.S. who were driving home from work.

Or about the national guard commander who, after NOLA Mayor said he was ordering people out of NO, stated "we don't take orders from the mayor."

Or about Barbara Bush stating that the people at the Astrodome were much better off now, since they are underprivileged anyway and all.

Need I go on and on?

trusty getto said...

Oh, and BTW, that was quite the bitch-slappin' you gave Jimmie. I laughed out load several times.

Maybe you ought to be in charge of FEMA. Goodness knows your IQ is in the triple digits above that of Brown's and Bush's combined.

landismom said...

Well, since I'm a middle-class white person, I'll just be able to drop $100 to fill up my SUV with gas & water (hat tip to Barack Obama), and get away.

Seriously, though, it's fucking terrifying. At least when 9/11 happened, the country being on lockdown for a week seemed like a justifiable response. It's like they just kept the same response for a totally different disaster.

vicki said...

I came by to say thank you for sending off diapers and other supplies, Jim. You're a good man.

autumn said...

Honestly, I stopped listening to the news. Why? Because I can't bear to watch the gov't fumble this badly while I can do nothing to stop it. Had I a dollar more to spend or an ounce more of energy, I think I'd be able to pay more attention.

From what I have seen on blogs - it's a sad fucked up thing. There's a blogger over at LiveJournal called interdicter who's been blogging live the whole time (he had back up generators and such) and it's been amazing to hear some of those stories. And sad. very very sad.

Kimberly said...

I'm resisting the temptation to bang my head against a wall every time that I read about more of the horrors going on in the aftermath of Katrina. The failure at all levels of government is stunning.

You know where there's amazing work being done? Houston, TX. I'm here for the weekend visiting my family, and I've been repeatedly moved to tears by the stories that I've heard about the generosity that Houstonians (W's mom aside) are showing the refugees here. There's a certain 'there but for the grace of God go we' element to the response, but it is a wonderful thing to see.

(By the way, Jim, did you mean that I'm going to be receiving an awesome mix? I haven't yet sent a copy of the mix that I made to you.)