Sunday, September 25, 2005


Listening to: Kathy's AWESOME mix

The post was originally going to be titled "Rewind" since I reconsidered how the next mixmania! would be organized - for a number of reasons. Then it was apparent I needed to rewind that and, well, it all got convoluted beyond decent conversation. This is, after all, a "daddy blog" and a certain sense of decorum is expected. At least amongst "decent" people; the rest of us just wink and pass the mota none-too-discretely beneath the table while we giggle hebephrenically (there's that word again, Mamacita).

It's been a full week, me pretties, since me last post and me prettiest knows that it was not all good and it was good as gold - all at once and none at all, if you can wrap your pretty minds around that. My love went through something truly scary (which I still believe was attributable to stress, especially since the doctors are still clueless), swore me to secrecy, then got better and scooped me on my other love's birthday (to which, to wit, I will respond in kind tomorrow). Methinks the best and the worst of all of that was missing "Talk Like a Pirate Day".

And methinks we need more unwinding than rewinding and that we're all wound way too tight. In that spirit, I submit that the concensus of comments from the last post say that a Holiday Mix is the way the wind blows. So, we'll forgo the vote and say that I'll take entrants until November 1, mixes are to be sent out December 15, and songlists are due December 24 - plenty of time.

Rewinding my own twisted spine, I realize that my own initial inclination was to make an anti-Christmas CD but as I've reviewed my own corpus of holiday tunes, I can't be that much of a curmudgeon (as much as I pose) and there's too much rockin' holiday music to disregard. Whomever gets matched to moi gets 2 disks this time - a party disk (to play at your bacchanalia) and a quiet, loving disk. I'm a sap for the holidays. So here's the drill, again:

If you agree to participate, your mix will be in the mail around December 1 -- got it? It's just not fair to the people who are mixing and mailing in good faith when they to have to wait and wonder for weeks to see if their honest efforts have been reciprocated. For fuck sake, you'll have a GODDAMN MONTH to get it together, fix your bullshit burner, bury your dog, turn your neighbor into the Department of Homeland Security, and get it done way before your holiday shopping is finished. And you'll give someone something to cool to listen to other than the dross we're forced to listen to while we're a-shopping and a-whopping the folks who cut in line upside the head.

  1. If you want to play, email me your postal address and the URL of the blog where your list will be posted. If you don't email me, you don't play. If you can't figure out how to email me, you're not smart enough to play. Sorry.

  2. Having emailed me your intent to play, you'll get the postal address of the recipient of your mix by November 27 along with my postal address (to use as a return address).

  3. Post your songlist December 15 - I thought that worked out pretty well. Quite a few people had their lists ready to post well before the last deadline; USE THEIR BRAIN. I'll email everybody December 14 with a reminder to post lists. Dec. 15 will be designated "songlist day".

  4. DO NOT include your songlist with the disk you mail, the idea is to get your recipient to surf around to figure out what the cuts are, who sent the disk. If you're stymied on how to erase ID3 information from the music files, I recommend you go download Musicmatch Jukebox to convert your files and then go here for a tutorial on how to erase the ID3 info (Mac users are on your own!).

  5. Burn a CD with wav files, not MP3s; if you can't fit all your lovelies on a single disk, burn 2 disks, burn 6 disks, I don't care. Just burn it with files that can be played on any old skool CD player.

That's it. If those rules are too much, don't play. It doesn't bother me to mail disks to the unfortunate folks who got burned - I *love* sharing music - but it's infuriating having to answer desperate emails sent from folks who've been left out in the cold because somebody couldn't be bothered to do what they promised to do.

And if you played last time and have STILL not received a disk, email me and I'll mail a disk to you. Those of you who have STILL NOT received a disk - email me. With Lu in the ER, I couldn't get her to fill me in on who owed what.



Natsthename said...

I'm in!

And don't forget to play nice...if you don't particularly care for the music that was sent to you, try to find a few songs that appeal to you and focus on those!

LouLou! said...

Count me in - and, Jim, don't worry about sending a disk to me. I am grateful that you and Lu manage this crazy thing - and I will certainly survive without my Mix this time, so don't go to any trouble. Really. Maybe I can have a move free/medical crises free time to get a really good, and correctly cataloged mix put together.

your saucy wench said...


Methinks we've been landlocked entirely too long....six weeks is a *loooong* time!

I don't drink and I don't smoke, so what's a lass to do? I have a tried and true method of relieving stress and I'm pretty sure you can give me the hook up. ; )

Four more days(!!) and you'll be dropping yer anchor in me lagoon, claiming yer booty, showing me just how jolly yer roger be, burying yer, well, ye get the idea. xoxo

vicki said...

Oh, be done with the yo-ho-ho. You two are too much. I am SO glad your saucy wench is okay and glad you will have time together sooner rather than later.
I always wonder about Dad's who have all their children in the same season- makes me wonder what was happening the preceeding Januarys. My dad had his five all in October and November. Being a farmer and all I guess there wasn't much else to plow mid-winter...(ouch-sorry!)
Jim- you are so good to do the mix mania thing. It's clearly a labor of love and frustration. I'm out for this month because of too much travel coming up- but I will think fondly of you all the while for the CDs you provided for the folks in Iraq. Haven't heard much from Bill lately- I think they are having long hard days over there.

Natsthename said...

Saucy wench is cracking me up! Glad she's doing ok!

Thanks for the Mixmania, Jim! I'm enjoying it right now!

Kathy said...

Jim, I am in again! I'm glad you changed your mind about the mix. But we can do a grumpy mix another month. It's asking for trouble this time of year (you know, too much depression - not enough sunshine to go around!)

I love the idea of 2 disks, one quiet and one not! I'm not waiting til the last minute like I always do!

And I LOVE the 2 mixes I've gotten so far - and love visiting the wonderful individuals (and boy aren't they individual!) who are participating.

trusty getto said...

Uh, Jim, this is how you AVOID stress?

You crack me up, man ;^)

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I'm in - I just hope I am smart enough to follow all the rules and not piss you off ;)

Silly Old Bear said...

Hang on. What were the rules again? What are we talking about here?

I'm so confused!

(okay, read that again using your best vinnie barbarino voice. If you don't know who vinnie is, you ain't old enough)