Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today you get three which is actually illegal in some dry counties

Damn near forgot that today's the day we're all supposed to be posting our "mystery themes". For those of you who sat out this mixmania! because you were too busy solving world hunger and global warming, just keep pretending you're reading and pointing to the screen to remind those walking by that you're "hep" and "mod" and one of those who pretend to read me and point at your monitor. One of THEM.

My Chaquita Mamacita
Mixmaster Sterfish
K? Sarah-Sarah....
alala la la lalala la
Thee comely Emily
Oh, so really Cyli
My doobie bruddah, Duble Jerry
~d~d~d~damn you HAWT
All the math that mathers
My love the Soiled Dove
Da' buggy, punchy one
Oh mama, redneck Goddess
Right Said, Smed
Gah-gah-gah-got cow, now?

To the credit of my patient and precious (lovessss our precioussss, we do) mix recipient, my theme is actually "pulled my head out of my ass and finally mailed the damn thing" and a testament to my willingness to shit where I eat.

Interesting as that might be as a mix, I'm not that original. My theme is:


Small wonder.

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~d said...

Being that I only PRETEND to be a smart cookie, I decided to look up the word desperation. Want to see what I got?
des·per·a·tion Pronunciation (dsp-rshn)
1. The condition of being desperate.