Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bend so you don't break

I remember it was a warm evening for February. I drove with the windows down all the way through town, and under the underpass near the railroad tracks--the same underpass that was notorious for catching trucks whose drivers weren't thinking about the height of their vehicles until it was suddenly too late.

My roommate, Angela, and I drove out of town and on to the winding gravel side roads… I don't recall--now some 30 years later--much else except that I wrecked my car. I knocked down a few trees and went through a fence. I think the windshield was busted, the roof and a door was caved in and the car had to be towed.

I think we were probably both just limber enough that evening to avoid injury.

The police came, no tickets were issued and no ambulances were called. A friend of my came by in the midst of all this and gave us a ride to my boyfriend's house.

I know that it took 3 or 4 weeks to repair my car. During that time, I borrowed my boyfriend's car and/or van to get back and forth to my job at the local newspaper.

I asked my mother, just this morning, what she recalled about this particular incident. She said she knew alcohol must have been involved because Angela and I were always drinking and getting into things.

I don't recall having that conversation, 30 years ago. I asked her--point blank--did she say anything to that effect, when I had the accident.

"No," she said. "Because it wouldn't have made any difference."



vicki said...

Tell me you got my comment. Please.

vicki said...

So you didn't get my earlier comment- the one where I said, enough with the reminiscing; have you thought about names? I suggested Torvald for a boy and Snarl II for a girl (because you can never have too much of the Snarl).
And then it rambled on about feeding the cats and so forth. Sigh. My best comment in weeks and it's somewhere on Jupiter.

Oh- and I wondered if it was easier or harder now that it makes a difference.

Be well. Eat your greens. Good for the baby.

MizMell said...

Shame. Shame.
I've had a bit of a traumatic weekend. The eldest daughter smashed her car at 1 am Sunday.. So now you understand where my mind is...
And you thought you had probs with the little ones! Just wait until they get out on their own and and you rely on email and ma bell...