Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mother Nature Strikes Again

I’d planned on walking to the coffee shop today to get out of the house, but it appears we’re having an ice storm. Plans thwarted.

Worse, I’m out of cat food, Pablo is flipping out, and I hate driving on ice. Tonight is going to rule.

UPDATE: The question of the night is what you can do when you halfway expect the power to go out. So far I’ve broken out a ton of ancient make-up and painted blue eyeshadow up to my eyebrows. Thankfully I am home alone.

UPDATE II: Apparently tonight’s plans include cleaning out the closet and starving the cats. Not like it isn’t good for them.



~d said...

The fact that I can sing the United States in alphabetical order is not making your game any easier for someone from SE Louisiana to understand. However, I do have a song that has come to mind to help me identify with myself here. Beck

Sarah said...

Uhmmmm I think that was four posts....not three.

But who's counting? hahaha

Mamacita said...

Bake a cake and put candles on it, just for fun. When the power goes out, light the candles and take turns making wishes. Plus, you'll have cake.

Make sure there's a candle in the bathroom. Dig out batteries for flashlights.

Clear the floors of anything you might step on or trip over.

Get out extra blankets and have them ready.

Cats will eat cereal if they're hungry enough. Cats are also warmer than a blanket, so hope he falls asleep on your feet.

Everybody sleep together.

That last part is my favorite.

landis said...

Well, the clean closets is a good thing! Hope you don't lose power.

MizMell said...

Not you...