Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snowflakes were twinkling like little Christmas lights as they hit my rear window then turned to steam and fed the clouds

Three freakin’ degrees is what they said as I woke up, snuggled up under blankets and insisting not to move at all. Thirteen degrees – if we’re lucky – chuckling announcer asshat bastard douchebag cunt tee-heeing about today’s misery, cheeks scraped raw by the wind, chunks of solid ice in the road, batteries struck dead by a chill that shakes the life out of marrow. Barely breaking ten the next few days is the forecast, that and more snow, more snow, more snow everyday, blankets and the determination to stay still but the imperative to move, to go somewhere despite the ever increasing layers of cold, wet suck.

If you’re wondering where this post is going, consider that my brain is frozen, a gray slushie shifting it’s way through a fat, long straw (for those of you into that kind of imagery), inevitably drawn to the suck. So, to fight the suck, I offer this:

There’s a word for word that is what it is, if you know what I mean. I mean, I’ve read about this word somewhere before but it’s killing me that I can’t remember what the word is. Anyway, it’s a word for words themselves (e.g. ‘palindrome’ being a word that can be spelled backwards as well as forwards) and means that those words are just what they are – if you know what I mean. When I gave ‘phlegm’ as an example to Mamacita, she pointed out that it was onomatopoeic but I mean it’s more than that – the word is just what it describes. ‘Ineffable’ is another example. ‘Melee’ and on and on… so what is that word? That word that describes a word that… grrrrrr. I’ll send a copy of my NYEUKAM disks (and a bonus) for the first person who can tell me what that word is.

~d asked me to do three things with the letter D

  1. daddy - Trumps everything - EVERYTHING - everywhere, all the time, there is no contingency, there is no second thought, it's just how it is and I'd have it no other way, ever.

  2. dooooood - A stoned person's reaction to #1 or my reaction to microwave burritos, right now.

  3. delicious - Microwave burritos aren't delicious. The moment they're scarfed is delicious.

  4. drunk - See above. Drink responsibly. Don't scarf and barf.

  5. deleterious - Self-referential humor is deleterious to the continued comedic value. Don't do it. Drink responsibly. And drive real slow.

  6. dylan - ...while listening to Bob Dylan.

  7. dork - The reason you're here, to see what I do given a lack of money, some time, and too much testicle (also, see ‘dweeb’).

  8. dick – A big one, usually stuck in places I regret later on, I am.

  9. dirt - I am not (I have to remind myself every morning in the mirror) but stuff I love to roll around in, bike in, hike in, psyche in, and with sufficient strong back, tyke in (god, i can't wait until Zeke is past this "I'm too tired to walk, carry me" phase!). I moved to Manitou Springs because I can go five minutes out my door and be on my way into oblivion and dirt - and everthing that grows from that.

  10. death - Oh, death, won't you spare me over til another year? Guess I could scramble around for a few hundred years like Smegal but I'd rather dump the ring and let what's supposed to happen, happen. I'm not betting on a damn thing happening after this so, if seeing them that matter at the end is all I get, I got everything. Even skepticism and in this weather I'm prepared to accept anything; "With ice cold hands taking hold of me, Well I am death none can excel, I'll open the door to heaven or hell."

New mixmania! fiasco announced tomorrow because, hey, I have access to the future. I got that gift after mixing a box of Lucky Charms, whiskey, and a quarter ounce of peyote.

That and I want Jim Weida to get googled.


sarah said...

I don't know what the word is, I'm too hungover to think straight (or am I still drunk?).

Drank responsibly-ISH. I didn't get sick (yay me) but I blogged drunk. As did Cyli. There should be a law.... No drinking and blogging.

~d said...

A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language.

~d said...

orthographic word.
(scratches head)
this is a written sequence that has (white) space at the beginning and at the end, but no 'space' in the middle.

did I es'plain that OK?

~d said...

I really like: deleterious. I am thinking that is a good name for the 'bad egg' thing 1 has recently met and (umm, befriended?)
I also like dick. But for different reasons.

landismom said...

Jim Weida Jim Weida Jim Weida.

Wow, that is cold. We are finally supposed to get into the 20s this week, prompting my entry into the 'd' game:

Dammit! Why did George Bush refuse to sign the Kyoto Accords?

Keep warm, Jim.

Natsthename said...

Mixmania fiasco? I'm IN!!!

~Neo said...

did u chane your last name back or is it your net persona??

Nino the Mindboggler said...

No, ~neo, just wanted old high school friends to be able to find me :-D

MizMell said...

Glad to see you're back to "ab" normal...