Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mixmania: a few of you have been waiting for this and here it is, black and crinkled off the grill

What mutant burned your masterpiece? I dunno, I sat this one out for a well-deserved rest, I just wanted to see how it'd go. For those of you who did play, here's where you go:
Mamacita, yo
tilde, then a 'd'
Got Cow?
Punchbuggy Blues
Soiled Dove Inn, suckaz'
Mixmaster Ster
Sam & Lena

As I always say, "Go for the list, stay for the lips."

No I don't, I've never said that. I don't even know what that means. What I mean to say is that you should read those people instead of just grabbing the goodies and running. Get enlightened.

Had I done a mix, I'd have done it like this, where you have to start the first disk at a specific time in order to hear Prince riffing from the opening bars of Purple Rain into Auld Lang Syne, just at midnight, dude. Dooooooood.

Gap Band - You Dropped a Bomb on Me
NYEUKAM, y'now?

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love
Hopefully the people who aren't dancing are filling their face full of black eyed peas; they'll need the good luck.

MIA - Gulang
Into the secret cut, just because.

Busta' Rhymes - Fire 2000
Light the place up, dammit.

The Chips - Rubber Biscuit
There's a scene in Mean Streets where Harvey Keitel is stumbling drunken through the bar and the camera follows him, tripping along, looking at things for a moment and then bumping back forward, looking towards the jukebox. Not that it's New Year's Eve but, hey, just sayin'.

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Watch the roast; just sayin'.

Devo - Are You Experienced?
I love how tight this song is, how they throw the goof on this and still play like a fucking incredible band.

Girls Against Boys - Cowboy's Orbit
In case you didn't get the hint before you started stumbling towards the jukebox.

The Dwarves - Unrepetent
You might want to see what those guys are doing standing near the microwave.

Rock N' Roll Soldiers - Funny Little Feeling
Another shot and move, motherfucker.

The Hives - Walk, Idiot Walk
Jukebox, see? Steady yourself, catch your breath, refocus. Walk upright somewhere else. Don't puke on anybody.

Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
And for god's sake put that down, you'll poke someone's eye out. Hey, you lit your filter.

Elvis Costello - Accidents Will Happen
Don't worry about it, just hit the waste basket, please.

Apples In Stereo - Strawberrydesire
I can neither confirm nor deny that something was put in the punch. I stepped away from the punchbowl and there was a puppy, eating a candycane, wearing a santa hat and putting off this vibe that if you squeezed him, he'd squeek. He didn't squeek so I game him to the guys standing near the microwave.

Oasis - The Hindu Times
And I thought the Devo was tight. Holy shit.

Neko Case - Lady Pilot
Next best advice of New Year's Eve: don't look down.

Modest Mouse - Dance Hall
Because I can be; you're listening to this mix, right?

The Raconteurs - Intimate Secretary
Venerable of scarabs malarkey, but down with Locke you see ecclesiarchy, indeed. Say it three times in the mirror and some ghost nun comes to stab you with the pointy rodent she keeps in her pocket.

The Black Keys - The Desperate Man
MMMMmmm yes, right there.

Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower
Every party needs a blazed out hippie to spill wine on the carpet and drop a roach on their lap. Someone to keep the cat company in the utility closet.

Disk 2 - - - 7-some minutes to go

Little Feat - Fat Man in the Bathtub
Because, at the end of the night, all you have is your fat man, in the bathtub.

Prince - Purple Rain/Auld Lang Syne (Live New Year's Eve 1981)
I've seen Prince once and he made it feel like New Year's Eve.

Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss but meaner.

Dawn Penn - No, No, No
A lot meaner.

Toots & the Maytalls - Broadway Jungle
But everything will be all right, mon.

Ohio Players - Fire
Get out the hose, get ready to spray some people down.

Fergie - London Bridge
I don't care, it's well-produced and infinitely danceable (care of MIA) and anyway, someone's fucking on the coats on the bed.

Al Green - Take Me to the River
Won't you cleanse my soul, put my feet on the ground? No? Ok then, give me some of that.

Hound Dog Taylor & His Houserockers - Give Me Back My Wig
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Jump up and down and pretend you have coconut breasts.

Rocky Horror - The Time Warp
Line dancing for nerds.

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
huffa huffa huffa *cough, cough, wheeze* someone's feet stink like ASS

Irving - Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers
Shameless glam-pop to satisfy my shameless glam-pop.

Dandy Warhols - Solid
More glam, going day-glo and smiling with a grin that rips your face off.

Simian - La Breeze
Marc Bolan has that same grin somewhere in that same glam heaven that made this song necessary. Kneel down and then get back up so no one trips over you, K?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena
I had to put this on here, just had to. Besides, it goes well into:

Edith Piaf - Something in french that means "no regrets", I think.
The start of the "time to go" part of this party.

Skinny Puppy - Pro-test
The hint gets less subtle.

Big Black - Cables (Live)
If there's anyone still left after this song, they're waiting for a cab, passed out, or the peeps you still want around.

Dead Kennedy's - Too Drunk to Fuck
OK, quit making fun and let's put on some John Fahey. There's a bottle of brandy beneath the sink, spark up another one.

That's how my Ney Year's Eve would have gone had I planned and hit the lotto. As it was, I was busy stealing waitress's tips and cigarettes, listening to a bunch of old guys cover the Neville Brothers. Thus, the nails in my head. My resolution is to have them removed before my birthday.


Sarah said...

Well at least I know I didn't get your cds. One of these days I'll be the recipient of one of your mixes.

Thanks again for organizing this. You rawk.

I'll send you a copy of mine, even if you don't want it. hahahahaha

Love you sweetie.

vicki said...

What??? No NOMO??? Next time I'm doing a mix, with LOTS of NOMO. Otherwise, I approve of the parts of your list that I know. Alala's sounded interesting too. I'm off to Jane's. I know thats who you were thinking of when you made that silly remark about lists/lips. She's so completely loveable...

Good job, Jim. Per usual. Oh- and listen- have a really really good new year. S'okay?

~d said...

Ok, When I heard Genius of Love I was LOVING life! WOOO!
then when I heard Fergie I was LOVING LIFE! WOOO!
and then the one that totally blew me away was Al Green. I mother effin LOVE that song. AMAZING how many peeps don't know HIS VERSION!

thank you thank you thank you for including me!
in the sending out thing!
J'adore my CDs!

Sarah said...

Okay it's National De-lurking week. Not that I lurk on your blog, but you're still getting a comment.