Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OOOooooh baby, we gonna’ NUKE EM’!!!

Yes, my babies, it’s time to get the burners rumbling for the tumbling of massively booty-shaking music for your next Mixmania! masterpiece. In this round, you’re gonna’ drop a bomb in da’ house, an explosion of groove so exquisitely danceable that any butt not jiggling by your mad mix skills will be deemed DOA and therefore worthy of being kicked to the curb (and they can take the damn Zima home with their dead ass). This is your Ultimate Party Mix for the Ultimate Party Night, New Year’s Eve, the mix you’d play at your own party or the songs you’d wrestle the host of some lame-ass party to hear because God knows, Taylor Hicks deserves to be out on the curb along with the Zima guy.

My folder for my potential cuts is titled “NYEUKAM” (for “New Year’s Eve Ultimate Kick-Ass Mix”) or Nuke em’ and that’s how I think ya’ll ought to approach this – hit em’ with everything you got, dammit, be relentless and unforgiving, brutal; it is, after all, your damn party.

If you’re not familiar with the rules for playing, go HERE and the transpose these dates:

Dec. 15 – last day to sign up
Dec. 20 – email matches
Dec. 22 – mail it out

If you have any other questions, my email address is over to the left. If you’re not smart enough to figure any of this, well, you’re not smart enough to play. Sorry, but that’s how it goes; if I see ya’ bitchin’ about it in the comments, dumbass, expect to be ignored.

As for the rest of you – get your bombs ready; get new-kyu-ler on the dead asses, get radioactive on the asses set to boogie.


Mamacita said...

Sign me up. I love this.

~d (tilde) said...


I am in!
(who am I?)

(I shall email you promptly!)

Miss Cow is a Cow said...


Sign my ass up. I'll email you in a sec.

PunchBuggyBlues said...

oh man, this one's gonna be hard, but I'm in

Sterfish said...

I'm definitely in for this one!

Mayden said...

Yes, of course.

samirah said...

if there's one thing i can do well it's throw a dance party! i'm so in, lena too.

Chuck said...

I am so freaking smug because I already have almost all of my list worked out :)

Absolutely count me in on this go-round!

~d (tilde) said...

if there's one thing i can do well it's throw a dance party! i'm so in, lena too.

By samirah, at 12:24 PM

Hiya Dear Patriside,
samirah contacted me but I cannot FIND her damn URL. Would you mind-pls sending it to me?

ekrobi said...

Sounds like fun! Count me in.

alala said...

oo! me too! email already sent.