Thursday, November 23, 2006

Enjoy the yams and shut up, already: my predictions

At some point in the afternoon, at least one of my children will have put black olives on his fingertips to wave that hand around, showing everyone what priority food looks like. Someone will attempt to get out of the age-dependent (bites = age) expectation of the green bean casserole by hiding their portion under a roll. Someone will mention the Broncos/Chiefs game a dozen times.

I'll eat a slice of pecan pie topped with whipped cream, drink coffee, determine what else needs to be done as far as the Christmas lights. Stand on the roof and wonder where the hell the broken bulb is that has sabatoged the next 25 feet. Wonder when I'll have time during the next week to fix the manger scene. Wonder why I worry about the state of a plastic creche, plastic Wise Men, plastic sheep, a plastic Baby Jesus.

Wonder if no Plastic Baby Jesus is better than no Jesus at all.

Harry hildays, ya'll


Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your day is a happy one.

Mamacita said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear one.

Whipped cream? Don't tempt me. And I don't mean with pie.

landismom said...

Hope you had a lovely Turkey Day with the family, Jim!

Teri said...

happy thanksgiving!

(your bloody word verification hates me - everytime I come here, the word verification word is, like, 3,456 characters long...)

vicki said...

That Jane has a naughty streak. Sounds as though you had the typical turkey day, as it should be. You know, Jim, you complain often about our government. One of my chief complaints is why the powers that be in DC haven't put an import ban on Chinese-made Christmas lights. That's where we really need a trade embargo. I mean, they've been out to get us for years now. What's it gonna take?

We can do without the plastic baby because we have evolved beyond out of sight, out of mind. Or have we? I'm confused.

Ya- your word verificiation sucks- too many q and x.