Monday, November 21, 2005

The mudman arises and motivates for Holiday Mixmania! so that Santa will treat him right

Listening to: My Disk #1 for this fiasco

Someone said that I'm not one of those bloggers who throws up a post when I have nothing to say just for the sake of putting up an update. Not sure I ever have anything to say (with few exceptions) really but I appreciate the compliment. So, if you've wondered about the dearth of posts here lately, it's because I haven't been inclined to let you know about the goo I've extracted from my toenails.

Yhe few of you who have decided to participate in the Super-Duper Holdiay Mixmania! Extravaganza may have been checking in here to see what's up wit' dat' (and wondering when I'll pull my head out of my ass). So, listen up, children, here's the latest update as we get closer to the culmination of a brand new clusterfuck.

So far I have these people in the mix (mouse over the names):
Matthew Dykstra
Evil Mommy

If you're not on this list and you think you should be, email me before Saturday, November 26 (the day I'm going to mix every body with their match and email those matches) - be sure to include your postal address, URL, and a list of all the bad things you've done this year.

One last thing: it was suggested that I back the deadline up to December 10, that it would be better if people got their mix a little early. I know this is backing it from December 15 but I agree... if you're a little late, expect some coal in your stocking. Oh, and I mean December 10, 2005 not 2006, fool.

Yeah, you can see who Santa's gonna' be skipping this year....


Easy said...

I've got the post ready to go on the 15th, but changing the GO date on it will only take a half second. The CD's are burned, and ready to go.

melina said...

put me on there! what do i need to do? email me por favor?

vicki said...

I have great admiration for mix mania- for several great reasons. I'm just so lame at it that the person who gets a disk from me would be thinking coal sounds better.

Has anyone named that dog yet? She's going to have an identity crisis. It's a safe bet she's survived infancy so you could go ahead with the naming ceremony...

Natsthename said...

I'd better get a mixin'!!

Happy Thanksgiving!