Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tony's, it's been awhile

Listening to: The Germs, Like This in Hell

It had been awhile since I pulled into Tony's. Downtown hipsters just don't do it for me, the Elvis haircuts and dykes flaunting their fun; it all seems posed. But I needed a beer and there was Tony's, flagrant, thighs spread wide.

I entered, reluctant but desperate. I'd been in there before but the experience had always been empty. Effective, sure, but otherwise cheap and tawdry.

That's how desperate I was.

It didn't take me long to regret what I was doing. Oh yeah, it felt good but was I cheapening myself?

The blonde, blue-eyed sorority girl from the way-too-expensive liberal arts college asked for an obscure shot. Old folks just want whiskey. Only the young, insouciant children of privilege order shit like, "Tinkerbelle" (Absolut, Rumplemintz, and Drambui).

OK, I used Tony's and Tony's used me. So sue me, I'm single.


Anne said...

My Sunday night was worse~ :oP

So there.

Mayden said...

So you were at Tony's and you couldn't give me a call?? I'm right down the road, dammit! :-P

vicki said...

Tony is probably the one who gave you green snot.
Sorry about that- but it hasn't stemmed the tide of creativity. Drink plenty of fluids and snuggle Deuce. I can't comment on the post after this one because it makes me too angry for words.

My grandmother had that kind of Christmas tree- I loved it. teeny tiny ornaments...