Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No blinky tonight

New modem…. MMMMmmm. One steady light to guide me.

And so, as I threatened, I’m back to spank conservative asses with a wicked stick. Just as the Zen Master would smack a pupil upside the head to ameliorate enlightenment, I thump a conservative where his thoughts reside.

Applying for child care assistance and Medicaid is not a choice, it’s a necessity. As I wrote in my last post, those applications were conveniently “lost” and the entire process required filing everything again. Not a simple process of just resubmitting the paperwork but having to sit and wait and sit and wait, taking another day off from work to rectify the fuck up of a fuck up. The genius of welfare reform is that if anyone needs assistance they’d better bygod have a job. Then in order to get assistance, you don’t much go to that job because you have to sit and wait and sit and wait – all fucking day – in order to get that request processed. Several days, in fact, because even if a single T was not crossed, it all goes back to zilch. Same thing if something was “lost”. “We screwed up but it’s as if you screwed up, so….”

Some of you conservatives (still stupid enough to keep reading me) would say, “Find a better job”. That’s brilliant. Let’s make that part of the GOP’s new economic plan. Yes, let’s all be CEO’s - you morons.

I get to spend my tomorrow dealing with fuckups, feeling like Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi; those of you who voted for the biggest fuckup in American history, I hope you feel sufficiently spanked but if you’re reading this, you get a bit extra.


landismom said...

It's pretty lame that the welfare system still requires people to sit in an office all day to get services. I realize that not all people who are eligible have net access, but some do. And there is this crazy new invention called the telephone.

MizMell said...

Better ask for photo copies of your completed applications this time 'round. At least you'd be a step ahead.