Sunday, July 02, 2006

The most excellent thing in the world

A criminal waste of time, vanity, oh the humanity, what celebrity do you look like?

David Beckham?

Well, it was only a 62% match, which makes me only a 38% loser, right?

Emma Watson? Yeah, she is very much like Hermione Granger... more than anyone knows.

A Japanese pop star? Not my Lilly... she's too much a "granola".

LMAO, when I didn't adjust the program for gender, Zeke was matched with Lindsay Lohan. Adjusted to boys, he's matched with a young Cat Stevens. I'd have prefered a young Bob Dylan or a young Christ but I think the little guy is full of himself enough.

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Teri said...

That myheritage site is fun. I got a really strange mix of very beautiful people and damn ugly people when I did it. WTF?