Monday, May 08, 2006

If you support Bush, you sure don't support families

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OK, "Party of the Family", tell me how this works: hey, "The economy is booming"?

Nifty... um, for whom is the economy booming? Since your president stole the election of 2000, I haven't received a raise but I've sure as shit seen prices go up, not just gas but everything gas delivers - groceries, toys, clothes,

Your president and his buddies are costing me about $100 a month more than they were last year at this time. $100 that I have not seen in raises, lowered health care costs (heh), rent, or lowered prices overall - whadaminute, I hear that inflation being held back is one of the marks of your economic success - what planet do you live on?. Not exactly family values, this economic situation.

If I give up my car and ride the bus (a joke in this town), I make the 4 hours a day I normally spend with my kids and turn it into minus 2 hours a day; a total of minus six hours a day if we can even catch the bus.

How does that benefit my family?

Faggots and lesbians getting married are challenging my family? I don't think so. My biggest challenges are wondering if I have gas for my car or money to feed my family, if I can afford shoes for my kids or if I will pay my utilities. Where are the bigger wages Bush promised with his tax cuts? Where are the jobs?

By all means, you 32% who still support this numbskull, where are your promises? Where's your pie in the sky? Why has my family done much worse since 2000? Do your family values only apply to certain families, those sitting within the McMansions gated communities?

What about my family?


landismom said...

I think it must be 1% of the richest Americans + 31% of the right-wing Christians. Who else is left?

MizMell said...

I hear you ! And I'm feeling it as well. We had all better get a plan -- and I mean a very good plan -- or that ignorant 31% will influence their friends to elect one of Dubya's "good ole boy" cronies in 2008. Scary huh? Every bit as scary as our present administration. Who ever would have thought Dubya would have done two terms???
I miss Bill!!!