Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wormwood

Listening to: Pink Floyd, Animals

School's still out, for what it's worth. January weather means the wee ones stay inside and play games like dragging food out of the fridge and line every item up on the floor like its part of a signal to ancient astronauts. Who are they calling?

I shouldn't have given them a telescope for Christmas, not just because they fight over who gets to peer through the eyepiece but, I suspect, they're scoping out what civilization will answer their food symbols, will land here, and will probe my ass with alien speculae and other devices of torture. After all, my children have shown a willingness to torment me with their willingness to rim my kitchen with olives, calling down sadistic alien perverts with symbols drawn with olives is not outside their purview, it seems.

The girls have been getting a chapter-per-night reading of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, despite their nefarious plan to have me abducted by aliens. They seem to be enjoying the story but I suspect they're awaiting The White Witch to snag me into anothe dimension and dispense of me summarilly.

Their loss, I think. CS Lewis's prose is simplistic enough and certainly entertaining (they seem to be involved); incredible stuff. Still, I can't help but think that today's play with the refrigerator was nothing less than some desperate call to have me hauled away to a distant galaxy and reformed into decent dad.

In the spirit of CS Lewis, God bless em' if they succeed.


Mamacita said...

My son liked to play with food coloring. We never knew what color any liquid might end up, at our house. He loved purple eggs, and pink milk, and brown lemonade.

Actually, it's how he learned that some colors are combinations of other colors. I wrote it all off as educational, put my feet up, and drank my brown lemonade.

My only steadfast rules were that the refrigerator door must be closed tightly every time, and that anything tampered with must still be eaten by he who tampered. Other than that, and keeping hands-off my diet coke, what little there was in that 'fridge was theirs to experiment with.

Natsthename said...

Just make sure you don't have a stone table anywhere in your house! ;)

LouLou! said...

Oh, the joys of parenting......We weighed the telescope for the Amazing Boy Child. Glad I waited for a parental review first.

vicki said...

Mamacita is so permissive. And tolerant. Love that woman. This is a great post, esp. as I conjure up the vision of olive circles...

And apropos of nothing: Here's the weather report for Ann Arbor, MI: 36F, mostly cloudy, 76% humidity, winds 8 mph WNW, and most importantly! the barometric pressure is 30.16 and rising. Have a great day and thanks for your visits and comments!