Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Doggie pics

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For all you malcontents who insisted on having a pic to name my dog, here you are:

And another:

So yeah, she's a beautiful puppy (notice the first pic put her in perspective - my ugly ass makes her GLOW!), so keep it up with the names. You'll win my 2-disk Holiday mixmania! set, guaranteed to get dogs howlin' in your neighborhood.
BTW, I'll take names until the 15th for the Super-Duper Holiday mixmania! and after that, you're SOL, aight?


Anne said...

She is absolutely beautiful (you're so cuuuute yourself) but I am so bad at animal names.

The kids usually do it so we have had parakeets named Coat and Bop--guinea pigs named Amos and Hannah--and our Chihuahua is named Molly (???--the Irish never relent--) I wanted to name her Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua but they vetoed me :(

lu said...

She looks like a Sophia to me.

Her eyes are full of such beautiful sadness. Sophia means wisdom-- maybe the wise among us have reason to be sad.

As for you...well, I'm not gonna embarrass either one of us by answering your call, (chasing that big, um, er stick you tossed out there) for some ego stroking.

However, I can demand that everyone else tell you how pretty you are complete with howls and whistles. Fetch, internet!

GraceD said...

She is charming. I would name her 'Olive'.

Peri said...

how about Jessie?

melody said...

I say...

Lucy or
Ginger or
Penny or
Adele or

She looks like a lovely lady. I think she needs a lady name.


Mamacita said...

She looks like Goldilocks to me.

odie said...

The only word that comes to mind when I see her picture is 'Greta'.

trusty getto said...

Oh that's easy, Jim.

Looks like a Marnie to me.

Anne said...

I've been thinking...(hahaha) you really should just call her what every dog "thinks" their name is~you know, "No, No, BAD Dog!" or, "$&*()&# Dog!" or, "Heeeeeere Puppy!" or my dog's name, "That DOG" or the ever popular, "WannagoOUT?"

Soooo whatchoo think?

(I am SO not winning this game)

Silly Old Bear said...

Ever since I heard Steven Wright do it...

I've always wanted to name a dog "Stay."

Hope this helps...

Angel said...

I had a dog who looked like her, her name was Heidi.

How about Angel? ;) LOL