Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh, For the Days of Public Horse-Whipping

Don't know if any of you caught this on the Cable Nooze but I got wind of it from Atrios:
A Florida couple accused of torturing and starving five of their seven children were taken into custody Friday night in Utah after detectives were able to track their cell phone signals, authorities said.

Capt. Jim Cernich of the Sheriff's Office in Citrus County, Florida, said deputies in San Juan County, Utah, apprehended Linda Dollar, 51, and John Dollar, 58, on a road after recognizing their gold 2000 Lexus sport utility vehicle.
The accusations include pulling out the children's toenails with pliers and keeping them so malnourished they "looked like pictures from Auschwitz," authorities said.
In a 1995 DCF questionnaire, Linda Dollar wrote, "We have five adopted children and have seen what we can do to help those less fortunate, we can see so many children who need special care, love and an opportunity to be part of a warm, loving, caring home atmosphere."

The Dollars are accused of forcing the five children to sleep in a closet in the master bedroom with a "wind chime affixed to the door so that the Dollars would know if they tried to get out of the closet," Tierney said.

In addition, they are accused of using a cattle prod or some sort of stun gun to shock the children, securing them to spots in the house with chains, striking their feet with hammers and pulling out the children's toenails with pliers.

"There was evidence of damage or missing toenails of these children," Tierney said. There was no evidence of sexual abuse, she said.

If having these shitsacks spend the rest of their unnatural lives in prison is the worst we can do to these maggots, there is no justice. At the very least we should be able to paint them brown and ship them off to Gitmo.


Anonymous said...

Stunning and completely baffling. It breaks my heart to see children on tv shows hurt; I can't even imagine these atrocities in real life.


Anonymous said...

I like to think I'm a pacifist at heart, but stories like this make me lean a bit more to an "eye for an eye" kind of thinking.

Though, I'm sure when they end up in prison they will reap some of what they have sown...

... and my heart breaks for these children.


seeingdouble said...

FL has such issues with their foster care, and these horrible things keep happening. (A 5 y/o disappeared from the system a couple years ago, and there have been a few BIG things since) Those people should be tortured by a group of mothers and fathers, just throw them into a room with us, let us go at them for weeks and weeks. I could think of a few just punishments we could inflict. Jail is too good for them.