Friday, February 25, 2005

Wake Me When the Trees Have Filled Out Their Leaves and the Birds Are Singing

Listening to: Frank Zappa, Hot Rats

Tonight, single full-time dad takes advantage of X having the brood and steps out to see a friend's band perform. From what my buddy tells me, his group has a kind of garage/punk sound (this year's flavor, of course) and I'm anxious to see how they pull that off. God, I hope they're not another "Jet" (although I like their hit) and in deferrence to my enduring internet crush on Glitzy, I hope they're like the Monkees with a lot of Cream thrown in.

If you're out and about this way, I'll be the guy in the black crushed velvet bell bottoms, wide-collared striped cotton shirt, and braod-toed platform shoes. Yes, my fashion sense has much to be desired and I don't need anyone telling me there might be a reason why I'm still single. Momma don't dress me, Pappa don't mess, and a bird in the hand is as rare these days as a moment of my mind not playing Mia's "Galang" to me (it's turning out to be a good year for me).

Back to dad tomorrow, briefly, as I pick Lilly up and take her a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (AKA, Zero Population Growth Conspiracy). Then, back here for more of this where I'm delluded by my impression that this corner of the universe is interesting, where Sisyphus winks and snickers. Alas, you get what you pay for but I get the sense that my motivation is back, in spades (the high suit), and my babbling is about to take on a new, ebullient nature.

God help us all.
Addendum: RE: a question Seeingdouble asked in my HST post. I am no pacifist, I believe there are just wars. Had I been young enough to volunteer, I would have been in Afghanistan hunting down Usama bin Laden, had I been old enough, I would have been in Europe working to defeat Hitler. It saddens me that our current administration has put people in such an economic bind that they need to enlist in a Rich Man's Adventure and fight for corporate interests. Saddam Hussein was a bad man, sure, but no immediate threat to our country. Indeed, George W. Bush has done far more harm to the US than Saddam could have ever done.

Draw whatever conclusions from that statement that you wish.


Hank said...

Chuck E. Cheese is evil. Young William keeps mentioning that he wants his next birthday party there. I keep pointing out that there can be no inflatable jumper in the yard and no pinata if we to CEC. My main objection to it is that it doesn't feel like a party when you're there. It's a herd of kids running around, some of whom you know. Plus the animatrons are scary.

seeingdouble said...

I agree with you 100% there. I apologize if I came across as beligerant in my original comment, I was just interested in your opinion. If anything my attitude is formed by the throes of anti-war people who blame the military, when in reality all our soldiers do is follow orders because they have to, or they go to prison. :) Friends?

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Yes, by all means, friends. I completely understood your point of view.

However, I don't think the anti-war movement is down on the military as much as opposing the Bush administration. As a military brat who grew up in the Vietnam-War era, I always thought it was a grave injustice that the peace protesters went after our troops - and I think the repercussions from the memory of those unfortunate episodes continue to taint the anti-war movement today.

I pray for your husband's safety over there (along with the rest of our troops) and pray for Peace for the Iraqi people.