Friday, April 25, 2008

A two-fisted drinker in a two-job economy

Dammit, I need a bottle...

To clarify a bit of Wednesday's post (which I didn't get around to posting until today - oddly playing with the timeline...), I in fact continue to work in the mental health field. Yes, I'm working two jobs. Writing for a small town paper, covering town politics and business is where my heart is at, obviously. But as I said in that post, it's not yet a full-time gig and working as a lowly stringer doesn't feed the bulldog (or anyone else, for that matter).

Whatever time I have left after hunting down and writing stories, doing far less than my share of raising six kids, planning a wedding, and this blog thing (ok, knock off the giggling), I spend running groups for DUI offenders and monitoring drug testing (i.e. watching guys piss into a cup). The more the newspaper job demands, the less I want to be at the D&A agency. There's no dilemma - I want to write. It's just that the part-time / piecemeal aspect of my writing job makes it impossible to break from being a DUI counselor.

OK, enough bitching and whining... time for some fun:

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Alisa said...

I really wish you would stop degrading your job as a DUI councelor. You have made changes in lives you may not even realize. I tell you how I am and feel...rarely but I do and will...I have kept in touch with others from our are the one that made the difference...telling us all we are not unusual..
you made a difference
you still will make a difference in many lives.
STOP making it sound like its piss ants work...(is that the saying???)
IT PAYS SHIT...I get that...but you CHANGE LIVES.
You are someone I attribute to who I am today.

STOP being so damn hard on the job. It us...those you help.