Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some of this, some of that, some of youse dis an dat

I'm waiting for my nomination as "Worst blogger of the year". Not so much with blogging, eh, maybe once a month nor not reading anyone else's blog or commenting (though, in defense of myself, not commenting doesn't mean I'm not reading your blog) but mostly, egad, I don't really write much worth reading.

Such is this metablogging puissant; writing about you not reading. Or caring.

Thing is, I need to work on my chops and this seems to be the place to work em'. The few of you who remain following me (and all of this) might be interested to know that I'm writing for the local paper, covering town government. Or maybe not, who knows. At least the local paper pays for me to write.

Nonetheless, I figure my chops need to be honed and those of you who remain within this tiny sphere will get my castoffs, I guess.

So... I just got back from New Mexico, Santa Fe and thereabouts. Stayed with cool people and figured things out. Goddamn, this would be so much more interesting if I wasn't playing catch-up. Shee-it.

To the chops, man.


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

Castoffs from you? I'll take 'em.

Soiled Dove said...

Congrats on the paid gig, man. I'm really so happy for you.