Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Up to my neck in snow & kids, thus the pain there with

No children were hurt during the taking of this photograph

MBS has been wicked ill the past couple of days, my trail by fire especially since the Gods dropped another 3 feet of snow on us. The lead-off pic is no photoshop trick, it's the kids standing in the walkway to our front door (the door you would have come thru had the wedding taken place three weeks ago), sure a bit topped off with shoveling (oy) but for the most part, representative of what's hit us. To give you, the reader (I dare not use a plural there) some perspective, those cross marks in the snow is where I shoveled in - AGAIN - to prevent minor avalanches. The oldest and biggest in the pic is about 4'11" so yeah, that's about 6' of snow, much of that packed down from previous storms. And yeah, if you look in the background, you see that the snow is up to the eaves. Our first floor is under water, so to speak.

We've been waiting 3 days to get dug out; I had carte blanche on a tractor but apparently I did something that put it tits up and now that's a nonstarter. This 30-year snow has kept us close to the ranch, the kids pretty much stuck in front of the tube and me sore with moving what I can move (per the pic above, someone had to move that snow off the walk). 6 kids indoors was not as bad as you might imagine, they were actually great considering that MBS was down the past couple of days and I was mostly outside moving snow.

They stand with me in the movement to eliminate snow where snow should not be. Kind of a negative of the Republican platform.

Considering the 50-or-so dead in the South from freak storms, there's nadda to complain about here and indeed, we've held our own with aplomb, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hit with worse weather than this.

Still, MBS and I stepped into an agreement that included 100% more children and we've managed not to toss bodies into the snow stands for at least a huzzah. Buy us a drink or something.

Or something - sheesh.

Guy's out plowing us out near midnight, I think it's my duty to offer him some coffee. If you have pics of bigger snow, pony up or STFU, it's time for coffee and to riff a little more on what it's like to do the dad thing with six instead of three.


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

Holy cow, beloveds, that's SNOW. Here in southern Indiana, it's in the high fifties and so is the wind. All the furniture blew off the deck and the wind chimes are going like gangbusters. We have no neighbors to be disturbed, and I like to hear them. The cats can't even walk in this wind!

Stay safe, drink lots of cocoa, eat lots of popcorn, and watch lots of Disney movies. Oh, and dance.

MizMell said...

SO, lots of snow. It's a child's dream, right? I don't think I have ever seen that much snow!
Glad you're safe and warm and the kids are blending well. Hope your bride gets to feeling better soon.
I really enjoyed the pictures!

landismom said...

Wow. What I know is that I can't show this picture to my own kidders, who are sorely missing the snow this winter. They'll immediately demand to move!

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Landismom, your kids don't want THIS much snow, it's too deep to do anything in, they can't even sled!

Mamacita, enjoy the chimes and know we're thinking of you. Hopefully, the wedding will take place in late-May (and no snow!)

Mel, glad you enjoyed the pics. I've never seen that much snow, either!

KC said...

They could have dug a snowfort out of it -- tunnels like gophers! That would have been pretty neat. I hope they got some fun out of it.