Thursday, November 08, 2007

Crashed hard, landed well, everything wonderful

So much for the posting every day.

My computer is (as far as I can tell) a cold heap of silicon. At first I thought it was just the keyboard curling its little toes; certain letters weren't working. Another keyboard, however, did nothing to solve the problem and I ended my night by slamming another beer, hoping the FUBAR might be ameliorated by a sprinkling of sparkling smegma from the Fuckup Fairy.

He/She didn't visit or the smegma was on opposite mode because absolutely nothing but the power was working the next day. I tried my HP recovery disk (like patriotism, the last refuge) but it couldn't get past the "Are you sure you want to proceed?" screen. Thus, my online blackout began and it's been that way for a week.

Oh, I had limited access at work - yesterday was my last day - but most things of any interest (including Blogger and Gmail) get blocked for peurile and largely illogical reasons. As someone who has spent almost every day for the last 9 years connected in some way, the past week has been a bit disconcerting, and I found myself turning to my computer much in the same way an ex-smoker reaches for a phantom cigarette, a habit with the dint of a bad penny.

Not in Manitou Springs, obviously; tonight is really my first night of my new life. We're heading back tomorrow to fill a U-Haul (and put Scarlett up on a trailer) but for all intents and purposes, that part of my life is behind me. So indeed, landed well, where the love is abundant and dreams come true. Even if the old comp winds up in the recycle bin, it contains nothing that outshines a moment of sun here. Maybe it was time for it to die (if you believe in those kinds of karmic bookmarks), a page closed with no regrets.

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Mayden said...

Ugh. I wanted to be a bit more of a help with the move, but I'm currently a plague rat and, I think, I bit delirious

Glad it went well and I'll light a bonfire...I mean, candle for the deceased computer.