Saturday, October 21, 2006

Grace says

Are we really heading to BlogHer next summer? Grace says she’s intent on Shanghai-ing my ass off the road to Chicago and I say “Do me, baby.” Well, “Do me” in a totally platonic blogger kind of way, y’know. Y’know, not actually pulling over to spark up a bowl and rut like dosed toads in the weeds, you dirty-minded swine. Good God, I can’t leave you people alone a few days and you’re making up dirty stories about Grace and me. Shame on you (and please, send me your dirty libel at any email you have for me), get a goddamn life and, um, excuse me…


There are a lot of women I hope to meet at BlogHer (again, gutter-mind be gone!), Mamacita primary amongst the hoard, Vicki, et al – a veritable feast of intelligent, articulate, fascinating women. Women far too smart for me, so it’s not like I’ll be getting lucky at all. I’m positive the extent of my participation there will be limited to reluctant stud, all kinds of drunk and poster of crap like this. Y’know, total bullshit.

I intend on playing multiple hands of strip-poker and I plan on winning.


Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Strip poker? Now whose mind is in the gutter?

And isn't the point of strip poker to lose? Or is that just me? hmmmmmmmmm

Mamacita said...

I love poker, and euchre. Fair warning: I am a fanatic. I'm not very good, but sometimes I get lucky.

Then again, I might be the bit player in MASH who goes into the card game feigning innocence but in reality has shennanigans on her mind. That might be it, yes.

Wear your good underwear, that's all I'm sayin'. If we play strip poker, somebody might see it.

Getting lucky has all kinds of connotations.

Kim said...

At the risk of demonstrating publicly just how blond I am, could someone please tell me what this Blog Her business is all about? Because I'm seriously into strip poker.

landismom said...

Someday, I hope to attend BlogHer, but it's not likely to be this year. Which is too bad, because I kick ass at strip poker.

~d (tilde) said...

I do much better at Blackjack.
What other infor you got for us on this. Although we KNOW you are not going to blogHER cuzza the CHICKS!


~d ♥ patriside

Oooh! Oooh! I got disks ready to roll! I love my disks. This person is going to get a copy and that person, and this person and that person.

GraceD said...

Yah, baby...we're off to BlogHer Chicago next summer. Do or diiiiie!

About the cards, I don't play cards. I do, however, play hard to get.

I think a penthouse suite to be shared by miscreants and misfits such as dollin Mamacita, you and me would be suitable. We'll make like rock stars and throw TVs out the windows!

Or, maybe not.

Anyway, it's on the schedule. In pen.


Big said...

XOXOXO to you Grace!!! Right on!!!

And I'm all up for tossing TVs out the window!!! ;)

karen m said...

Hmmm....I see BlogHer's in Chicago this time. It certainly would give us an excuse to go visit. We lived there for almost 7 years, and haven't been back for...well, for a while.

Strip poker and I aren't exactly buddies, so I'll take you out for pizza and Ceasar salad instead, if you like.