Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Excuse me, hmmm, hey, gimmee some room goddammit!!!

Normally I celebrate the birth of a baby, any baby (except those unfortunate celebrity mutants) is the source of joyous celebration, mylar helium balloons, cheesy floral arrangements, bouquets of bottles that will go unused, the unwanted relations milling around and pigging the relish tray. A new life is a wonderous addition to our experience, an equivocation of our own existential despair.

But I'm a little reluctant to break out the confetti for Baby 300 Million, the newborn who just pushed the US population into "where are we going to put all these people?" territory. I know the little bundle of joy had no choice in the matter and I hate to think of the legacy the kid will have to live with but I confess I resent the landmark the baby represents. And yes, if not her/him it would have been another child (and 300 Million is "just a number") but really, this "go forth and multiply" imperitive has gotten too far out of hand.

Your own gripes will be appreciated.
Mea culpa to the mixmania! participants. The angel Mamacita will be mailing out the matches tonight (I do love her so!) and the mail-by date will be adjusted accordingly.


Carrie said...

It seems I recall seeing something about this on tv last night but I was a little drunk.

Looking forward to the mix.

Kristin said...

What does getting the world population to sustainable levels really mean in application? If the resources we have now were properly applied, we wouldn't face half the issues we have. So does that mean our big numbers wouldn't be so bad if we managed to get our act together? I need to think about that one some more before I go mambomouth on it.

However~ Dipping into the archives I read your post about opera. Have you seen "Tosca's Kiss", the documentary about an old folks home for the operatic in Milan? Frigging brilliant.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

We ALL love Mamacita. She totally rocks!!

I can't wait to get my discs. Could be a while as I will be enroute to San Francisco about the time the should be arriving in Memphis...sigh.

So I'll get them at some point. hahaah

aka_monty said...

I never got a match emailed to me, so I guess I'll be sitting this round out...