Friday, September 15, 2006

Vanity of the Carnivals Friday for the severely retarded

I had a pic of a kitty in a chimp suit but I think I deleted it. Either that or I downloaded it into my porn file and, well, I never look in that thing.

Since Tuesday night I've been battling a virus that dealt out body aches, fever, congestion, and a desire to die. I wanted to post (especially considering I spaced posting mixmania! links) but preferred to groan and roll around in my own sweat. Oh wait, that's a video from my porn folder.

So let me catch you up:

Tuesday I meant to blog on the fact that the Back Yardigans bring more traffic to my blog than any other random search. The damn Back Yardigans - God love em'. Random search result posts are pretty lame though, so good thing I was sick and dying.

Wednesday I was going to bitch about airline nuts ("What's up with that?") or something, I was hallucinating so I'm not sure if the blue bats circling my bed did not eat every morsel of my brain. Some of you who read me will ask, "You mean there was something for the bats?" and I'll ban you, bygodallmighty, I'll make sure your snot ain't shook on my grass again.

High on cold meds, I shook my socks at the neigbors, shattered the walls with Hall & Oates blasted, shaved my Hoo-hah.

Thursday - is that today? no? it's Friday? shit - I was going post another 100 things about me but this time only include those things I've done while wearing a dress.

Today I met Cam fron Trusty Getto and I must say, the young man is impressive. He's articulate, smart, and the lady's love him. No matter where we went (and we were in the finest clubs in the Springs, drinking madly), Cam was the center of attention, swamped with babes. Getting his castoffs was the high point of my afternoon.

Seriously, I had a great time and as we parted I commented, "We need to get together again when we can get seriously trashed." It went that well. Like sitting down with an old buddy and everything picks up from where it left off. It was hard to let him go.

OK, so what do I win?
UPDATE: Cam posted his thoughts on his visit and shamelessly horked my attempt at teh funny. Unfortunately for him, he also posted a pic of me and that's sure to send folks screaming away before reading his obvious libels against me - ha ha!


vicki said...

Just you wait and see. Your prize package went out in Wednesday's mail so brace yourself. Have the munchkins around.

Listen, Trusty is from my hometown- the one I had before I moved here to Oz- and I always thought he was a pretty fascinating read. I was also interested in his politics. I left him lots of comments but, ah well.

Hope all remnants of cold washed through with the alcohol- have a great Sunday!

Mamacita said...

Bless you and everyone who looks like you, my dear sweet man. I hope you are feeling better.

trusty getto said...

Oh, Jim, we live in such a rich and fulfilling fantasy world, do we not?

I had a great time meeting you and look forward to our next visit. I finally got a post out about my trip to Denver which took a long time (the post, not the trip) mainly b/c Blogger is kind of giving me a lot of trouble uploading photos. Oh well - sorry for the delay.

Until next time . . . :)