Saturday, September 30, 2006

Direct experience proves String Theory

So, correct me if I'm wrong. Quantum particles aren't just particles but waves and well, strings or something that meander off into God knows where but are continuous instantiations of their essence - dependent on the dimension they're expressed.

Is that so? Do you ever ask youself that? Do you wonder why mathamatics so elegantly describe the universe up close but the rules go ka-flooey when totality is held up to the light? Really, is that so?

Or are you worried about the next big dinosaur-killing comet? Trenchcoats in the restroom, wrenchcoats in the testroom, creepy street people and corporate clowns? The Next Big Thing that will turn us into fertilizer? Is the Brown People threatening our way of life or are they our kind of folk just eager for the opportunity to clean the swimming pool? Because by God ya gotta remembah tha hep, speshully on Xmas. Give em sumpin shiny shuh-gah, fascinates em for dais.

Anyway, we were discussing doubts or skepticism or sting theory of fears or something dumb and that's just why you come here, right?

A little fear and string theory on the grill - ksssssssss....

All my fear is about the unknown; some unknown threat leading to losing something I already have (i.e. my life, after some loon in a hockey mask hits me in the jugular with a hatchet) or not getting that which I think I deserve. And that's it. Think about it too and I doubt you'll come up with something outside that.

Really, I've thought about this for about 15 years and have yet to find that anything else composes my fear. Some junkie was on a nod in my bathroom and I wanted to understand his need for obliteration, his need to jam a spike in his veins and go, essentially, out.

"No fear," he mumbled, shook his head and smiled, "no fear."

"That's it?" I asked, "Just that - no fear?"

"That's who I am, man, the man won't let me be anything else."

It was one of those Zen stick in the head type moments the awakening that masters call that Zen stick in the head type moment. His, ours, mine, all our fear summed up in two simple concepts. I've continued to wonder, almost daily, whether there's anything outside not getting ours or losing what we already got.

As far as string theory, I have no clue, figure it out for yourself.


wilf said...

I'm just as confused as you about string theory but it sure is an interesting concept. I certainly agree, as you imply, that direct experience is the basis of understanding but how the hell do you experience the inexperiencable?

~d (tilde) said...