Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot Mixxxssssssssssssssss

OK, got all the links fixed - sorry bout' that. I usually check the links before I post but I was strapped for time and well - OOPS!!!

Tonight will be a busy one for me. When I fixed the links I saw some people posted their lists and I'll be checking in to say hello and comment on the lists. The naughty few who are tardy will be getting my tsk-tsk and whatnot, though I'm in no position to be a scold (I'm pretty sure my match won't get her mixes until tomorrow).

When she does get the disks, she'll notice a righteous pair. Not the first time I've done two disks but hey, I could have done six or more. In fact, music that doesn't get me hot gets put into my lame bin. That's kinda' how my motor screams. Disk one is definitely a drink-a-lot disk, heh, the more you drink, the more you'll appreciate it. My suggestion is wine but you may decide on Everclear at some point (for God's sake the alcohol, not the band).

Disk 1

Soft Cell - Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?
Just shake your shoulders loose and then stare into the distance, huff a huge breath of air and prepare to get nekkid' (in the long run), their version of "Where Did Our Love Go?" gets you started moving-wise, I mean really moving.

Martha & the Vandellas - Heatwave
No wonder - Global Warming? Hmmmmmmm...

Clifton Chenier - Baby, Please
Anything NOLA is hot. Trust me, there's an election coming up and if Dems don't show images of what happened (or didn't happen) with Katrina, they're idiots. Besides, New Iberia was also destroyed, the folks who make Tobasco Sauce. Anyway, when I lived in DC there was a Zydeco bar (The Little Red Rooster) on the Northwest side that sizzled like a fajita plate every weekend. Though I was way into punk at the time, The Little Red Rooster was the hottest bar around.

Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Workin'
See above and when you see how right I am.

Prince - Erotic City
Some people are born to hotness and some have it thrust upon them; Prince has it both ways. Well, except him as a Jehova's Witness now. But he had it, oh man did he.... one could make several "Hot" disks composed of nothing but Prince cuts.

Art of Noise (w/ Tom Jones) - Kiss
A total goof on this song and interestingly enough, hotter than the original (probably because Tom Jones gives it 110%);

Tu Pac Shakur - California Love
Not since the Beach Boys has anyone made Cali so hot.

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
If Marvin Gaye isn't on every mix submitted, what's wrong with our country is clear. The Temptations fired him because he was too hot. Do you see the connection? Yeah, neither do I.

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - Globe of Frogs
Robyn Hitchcock's weird lyrics turn me on - in so many ways.

Liz Phair - Flower
and your question was?

Lucious Jackson - With My Naked Eye
It's HER - *HER* fergodssake and her eyes is nekkid' damn damn damn damn;

TLC - Waterfalls
Um, I'm sure the waterfalls in the song don't resemble those in my mind; must be her tired, knowing voice.

Shirley & Company - Shame, Shame, Shame
Not much disco on these mixes because I've never associated disco with being "hot" but more cool and impersonal. Sure, you get hot on the dance floor and hot if you go home with someone but the music that gets you there is a bit robotic, most of it anyway. The stray disco hit like this one (engineered by Hamilton Bohannon, the hottest disco producer EVAH) has enough soul, funk, and R&B to be tres hot.

Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From
When Sarah Jessica Parker started dancing to this in The Family Stone, I remembered why this song is so hot. Not SJP (I don't find her hot at all) but the way she started dancing to this song which is really, the only way anybody should dance to this song.

Miles Davis - So What?
The 1st song of the best "let's fuck" album ever made - if not the best album (Kind of Blue) ever made. Light some candles, open some wine, put on this CD and if you're not getting busy by the end of this song, get the chemistry in the room checked.

Richard Wagner - Tristan und Isolde (Overture)
If you're not slammin' the mattress by this time, you haven't been listening. So this song is about between the covers, one of two songs (you'll have to email me for the second) that is, to me, simply orgasmic. It's overt how Wagner lays it on and covers the room in sweat and stickiness, building climax on climax until the tension is explosive. The best aural equivalent of sex I've ever heard.

Disk 2
A much more groove oriented disk, a little silly at times but that's what pillow talk is all about, right?

Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
Although this song will always evoke the opening of "Godfather II" for me, the great glaring light of sand and sea it conjures is enough to get this second disk started.

Toadies - I Come From the Water
Animalistic, pure and simple; blinded by the light above, some evolving blob of desire crawls forth from the deep and gets freaky.

The Killers - Somebody Told Me
I saw these guys a few years ago and was surprised that instead of them swaggering with a too-cool-for-you pose, they played with heart, they were tight, fun, and HOT.

The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
The hottest song on the radio right now.

Roxy Music - Love Is the Drug
A song that quivers with desperation, an "oh I so wanna do it AGAIN" song,

10cc - Dreadlock Holiday
Silly song but oh man when he gets to "Don't like Jamaica - I love her," yeah, you're with em' mon.

Finley Quaye - Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day
Someone I will always remember introduced me to this song, this song doing what I assumed she intended it to do.

Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock
"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel okay," OK, if you're just feeling OK when it hits, you need to get your wiring looked at, friend,

Toots & the Maytalls - Monkey Girl
Be my monkey girl, I'll be your...

Rolling Stones - Monkey Man
Another gangster movie, I can't think of this song without thinking of the scene in Goodfellas where Henry's bagging coke and looking up at the sky scoping cops (it's not on the Goodfellas soundtrack) and worried about his hot/nasty brunette girlfriend. At this point in that movie, you can smell the sweat.

En Vogue - Free Your Mind
Another silly song hotter than hell, a George Clinton joint, y'know...

Al Green - Here I Am
Describing why an Al Green song is hot is like explaining why ice is cold.

Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
"This is not a one night stand but a real occasion," an unusually hot cut by an icy cold band.

Django Rheihardt - My Serenade
This song reminds me of the glow shared in the morning after, sipping mimosas, staring deep into each other's eyes.

Buddy Holly & the Crickets - Well, Alright
MMMmmmm-hmmmmm, this song moves me in a way that I can't explain. If you are wondering what I mean, you haven't been paying attention.

Violent Femmes - Add It Up
Every woman I've known who's known this song has howled, "add it up" like it means something - hmmmm. Still don't know what them girls mean, fellas, haven't added it up I guess. But I loves to hear them girls howl.

The Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
A woman with a mohawk, heavy black eye-liner, piercings, leather? RRRRrrrroooowwwwrrrr....

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - Devil With a Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly
The ladies love to dance and OMFG, this is one of the ultimate dance songs of all time.

Dee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart
Another uber-dance tune, kind of a "hot meta-tune" for this disk, what?

Ohio Players - Rollercoaster of Love
From the funky, jangling intro to the harmonies fading out with a knowing nod, few songs have ever generated this kind of heat.

Wolfmother - Love Train
Simply silly - and sexy. My favorite hot new band.

I had an after-gig gathering at my place a couple weeks back and these disks went over HUGE so I hope my recipient has as much fun listening to them as my house guests did. Mea culpa on the late arrival, circumstances (if you've been reading this blog) have not been the most favorable in my little sphere.

Tomorrow you get the new theme and from the comments, it appears a few of you have already divined what that theme will be. Good for you because you're also not getting the usual month or so to mix your disk and I'll only be collecting participants for two weeks; this will be a quick and intense mixmania! (due to the theme). Check back here tomorrow for the theme and thank you all for playing so nicely this time around.


~d (tilde) said...

django rheinhardt! Who the hell would have thought of that?!
how totally cool!


I sold myself out to my chicka in case she wants to just go and loook up her song titles.

STILL don't go play with my blog-roll links...it is STILL not fixed.


Kelly said...

Hey! Maybe this is my mix! That would be awesome! Very eclectic, cery cool- you're the man.

samirah said...

yo that mix is awesome. django rheinhardt and the toadies! amazing.

my person never posted their song list :(

sky said...

nice site, feel free to add pirate papa! I will return the favor as soon as I'm in html code mode.

i enjoy some of the same taste in music as yourself.

Natsthename said...

Totally COOL mix...errr....I mean...hot! Always wicked fun doing these! And thank you for being such a gracious host for every mixmania!

Kelly said...

I'm thrilled that this is my mix- I LOVE Wagner, and that piece is great! And Django Rheinhardt- spectacular (I actually had a friend who named his kid Django- go figure). Anyway, its totally worth the wait- thank you!

Randi said...

I LOVE the killers...dammit, why haven't I burned them yet...I love how many different types of music are on these disks! AWESOME!