Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring has sprung, sort of

Listening to: E. Power Biggs, Bach: The Four Great Toccatas & Fugues

Light posting last week due to Spring Break, a long week with gorgeous weather which gave the wee ones ample opportunity to run me ragged. It had been months since we'd had days warm enough to hike around here. Likewise, the trails have not been dry enough (i.e. free of snow or mud) but with our extremely mild season this year, last week's hikes were seamless and slick-free.

Not having hit the trails for several months, the kids were stoked. With the exception of sparse blooms of Mountain Crocus (not really Crocus, btw) and Buttercup, the trails were rather barren but that didn't seem to unhinge anyone's enthusiasm, indeed, I had to keep calling the girls back as they paced far ahead of the boy and me. And the boy had grown enough to not demand to be carried early into the hike, a welcome change from our last hike back in September.

With the hikes out of the way, we'd return home for a bit of lunch then head back out to the wonderful parks the Manitou Springs offers its citizenry. Eschewing slides, swings, and monkey bars, the kids spent most of their afternoons playing along the banks of the creek, the rowdy rivulet that bisects the town like a hatchet mark. Throwing stones, handfuls of sand, sticks, and bits of leaves into the rushing snowmelt, the munchkins gave dad time to stick his nose in a book while standing close enough to the water to prevent dad from giving his attention to his book for more than a sentence at a time.

Spring Break is kind of my Spring Training, getting ready for the rigors of summer when I'll have to keep the elves fat with Keeblers. As is it stood last week, I'm sadly out of shape. By the time I got home, I was dead to the world and not inclined to type it all out here. I just wanted to sleep.

Why I'm not writing now is anyone's guess. I have to confess that the paucity of comments has kind of put me off of this whole blogging thing even though I shouldn't give a shit if anyone drops a gab; God knows, I'm not one to go to other sites and give love. I've heard one must give love to get love and I suppose my karma has come back to bite me in the ass. As such, I have no reason to bitch about it.

Given that, I should write about my own impressions* of the so-called blogosphere and what's happened since I threw my hat in the ring, what I think has happened since the "glory days" - or "gory days" - of blogmania. Grace will probably slap me down for what I'll say but I know it will be a loving, Zen-inspired slap....

*I can't claim any originality in this thought - the wonderful Mamacita (who is like, my Zen Master) - was actually the person who suggested this phenomena.


landismom said...

Sounds like a great time with your kids. We had a lovely day on Sunday, but today it's #$%^&ing snowing again! I'm looking forward to another set of days in the 70s (that's degrees, not the decade), so that the kids can exhaust themselves (and me) in the great outdoors again.

Thought you'd be amused by this--the word I have to type for your word verification is 'krudd.' Does this have anything to do with your take on today's blogosphere?

agog said...

Delurking to throw some "props" your way. Please don't quit!

I, too, am waiting for the return of the sun and warm. Two inches of disgusting, sticky-wet snow today. WTF? It was 70 Sunday!


Betsy said...

Count me in on wanting to hear what I presume is a rant...!

kimberly said...

* Do tell, please...

trusty getto said...

You're making me jealous of the hiking, man. I miss that about Colorado - don't get back enough.

About the comments, well, I'm busy, too. Sorry 'bout that.

Looking forward to your next rant, though, I must admit . . . ;)