Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mixmania! - on Her Satanic Majesty's Request

Listening to: Chicago Blues Masters, Vol. I: Muddy Waters and Memphis Slim

This time around, the theme is an Evil Mix, meaning songs that describe the pimpled, hairy side of your soul. It's not another elaboration of your Guilty Pleasures (NO! Not again!) but songs that express your darker side, songs screaming from the shadows. Not exactly the sunniest theme for late spring but, I think, devilish fun.

Obvious choices would be "Sympathy For the Devil", "Shout at the Devil", "Dans Macabre", etc., but I think being subtle works best in this mix. Being Bettie Page or Richard M. Nixon as you mix this will probably be your best bet. Get your Ya-Ya's out before summer arrives, a sort of spring cleaning of the soul as summer approaches. Exorcise your demons on disk before you slip on the speedo or bikini and bare it all, anyway.

If you're unfamiliar with how this goes, here's how we play: you mix, you mail, you get a disk, everyone surfs around to figure out who sent them the disk. That's over-simplified but that's the gist. The official rules are:
  1. You have until Cinco de Mayo to sign up: express your intentions in the comments AND email me your information, your URL and postal address (that includes you folks who have played before). You have to do BOTH - just commenting or just emailing me won't do it. I need you in the comments to let everyone know you're in and mixing, I need you to email me so I don't have to hunt down your info. My email is over on the left; if you can't find it, you're not smart enough to play - sorry.

  2. On May 10th, I'll email you the postal address of the person you're to send your mix to; you'll use a postal address I provide to mask your identity.

  3. On May 15th, mail your disk WITHOUT THE SONG LIST: leave your recipient guessing what the songs are on your mix.

  4. On June 5th, I'll post the URLs of everyone participating.

  5. Post your song list on your blog on the sixth of June*.

  6. If you're going to comment on the mix you received, don't be a prick - focus on the fact that someone went to the trouble to send you a mix, be polite with your thanks and don't try to impress us with how much of an insufferable music snob you think you are. Play nice - no one likes an inconsiderate asshole, asshole, and no one cares how your delicate tastes were violated. Be gracious, for God's sake, and give us the impression that you weren't raised by feral dogs.

Easy as that sounds, it's amazing that a few numbskulls can't be adults and will slink out with free music with no reciprocity. Sad. However, I assure everyone who plays that they will get a disk.

Today was Opening Day, one of my favorite days of the year, an appropriate day to unveil this latest version of this game. Get your mix on, you sinners.

Every mixmania! round involves me chastising sluggards and dullards for not sending their mix or posting their list and this time is no exception. A couple of people haven't received their mixes and several people have not posted their lists (my match posted her's here - TYVM, dollin'!), a situation which really SUCKS for those who participated in good faith; like some cheap-ass ebay scam - witless. And I know griping about this ends up pissing off the people who didn't pony up, which explains why I have all of 5 regular readers. Hell fire, I was writing this blog long before this funny little game brought me traffic, putting stuff out there for no other reason than to talk about being a dad, not really caring who read me. Thus, if my being pissy about you agreeing to participate and then spacing out on your obligation to the game rankles your ritalin addled ass, get over it, be a goddamn grown up and fulfill your end of the bargain.

In spite of the hassle and the headache (and expense: I invariably end up mailing my own disks to the participants who got screwed), here we go again.

UPDATE: Per the comments - you may participate if you don't have a blog but you need a blogger to agree to post your song list.
*The first person who puts two and two together - in the comments - gets a free copy of my mix!


Nino the Mindboggler said...

And I thank you for that, Nat - late though it is!

Mamacita said...

I think you should post the names and blog links of people who sign up, get their free music, but don't send out any. It's so rude, and that way, we won't waste our time trusting them any more. (yes, I'm in a bad mood this morning.)

Oh, and Sterfish's mixes were AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, MatchMate.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Ster's mixes are ALWAYS the BEST - he's THE mixmaster!!!

Goddammit - where is Nat's comment? Fucking Blogger... grrrrrrr... and I have to fill in those silly letters on my damn blog!

I tried shaming people the 2nd and 3rd and 4th go round - no luck; they're shameless. Go figure. Some people are worms. Or worse.

Despite my avowed atheism, I'm a bit superstitious and I feed into the notion of karma. As such, I think they'll get theirs (or NOT get theirs, whatever the case may be, heh) for not fulfilling their obligation. Screw em', they'll reap what they've sewn. Saying they'll particpate, getting free music but not reciprocating has got to make them wonder why their computer runs REALLY slow :-D

You're mixes were awesome as well, dear Mamacita - I hope you liked the ones I sent you.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

I'm in! I had a blast with this round (my first). Even though I still do not know who sent me mine.

aka_monty said...

I came over from Mamacita's yesterday~~I want to play, please! :)

I solemnly vow to send my mix in a timely manner.

(You can't see, but I'm giving the boy scout V thingy~or maybe it's just a peace sign, since I'm a girl) ;)

vicki said...

As usual I want at least yours, Mama's and Belle's. Someday I'll get it together and try to make a decent mix. Number #1 son just got back from SXSW- he hated it because he can't stand noise and crowds, great for a musician, right? But they were signed and their 3rd, but first major label is out May 9. It's NOMO and I should nomo, like the name of it- I'll send you a link.
Now, darned, if after a lot of putzing around here the past hour, if I can figure out who interest is...I DO know what David Byrne was saying, though, if that helps.

karen m said...

Yeah, I think I'd like to play again this time. I'm still waiting for mine, but I think I already know who sent it - at least I think so. I know this person was worried that it wouldn't arrive on time.

Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to participate if you don't have a blog?

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Yes, 'Anonymous', you may participate if you don't have a blog but you need a blogger to agree to post your song list. Some place where your match can read your list... so I guess it doesn't even have to be a blog (although that kind of defeats the purpose here - afterall, it is meant to get other people to READ other people) but I guess you could post it on a message board or something, as long as we can link there to read the list.

Betsy said...

I'm going to play again this time...!

(I used to be on the dipshit list, but I redeemed myself, even though I mailed it way late that one time...)

Natsthename said...

Sure, this is the first time I've been late. I know, that doesn't excuse it...just had a brain fart is all. My match got her cds awhile back, so I did get THAT done in time!

Count me in for next time!!

And Evil Mommy's mix was also top-rate!

vicki again said...

What about D-Day? Do I get a free mix?

Nino the Mindboggler said...

It is D-Day but no, that's not what I was shooting for. Sorry.

However, you should get something since I figured someone would think of that.

GraceD said...

Dude, count me in. I'm up for some evil.


-E said...

Awww, you didn't like me posting my mixes up BEFORE you posted the URLs on your blog? Boo. And if you end up with lots of folks that need a magic CD mate, never hesitate to ask me to make a few more and mail them out.

Anyway, I am definitely in for some evil fun!

Sterfish said...

I'm in again. Time to dig into the dark and weird stuff in my collection...

And regarding the *...Nobody's (really) gotten the connection yet? Come on, people! I'm pretty sure I know but I'm not evil enough to take it...yet.

kimberly said...

OK, Ster, I'll take it.

June 6 2006 = 6-6-6 = the mark of the beast

And please count me this time around, too.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

And so Kimberly wins the mix... :-)

beancounter said...

I want to play this time! Any blog husband of GraceD's is a friend of mine. I'm sad I missed answering teh contest by THAT MUCH, though. :-D

byakko said...

Hey, I'd like to play.

And, I remember reading something recently that the number 666 was NOT actually the evil number.....can't recall the details, will post up if I find them.

Wuji said...

I heard about this from Mammacita ! and thought it sounded like lots of fun . sooo Here I Am !! bringing you the evilist! ( is that a word ??)


samirah said...

I floated in here through Grace's blog thus I feel I can be sufficiently evil. Can I play?

Kelly said...

Hey! I wanna play!

alala said...

Ooo, me too, me too! I'm scouring my CD collection for the requisite evilness right now!

saraliz78 said...

Please count me in for the Evil Mixmania! I solemnly swear to create a badly copied/pasted collage of images arranged semi-artistically for a CD cover! And, I bet I've got at least a few evil songs that none of you have ever heard. Or, at least most of you have never heard. I'm a soundtrack idiot savant. And a video game music junkie. And, an avid appreciator of angsty rock. I promise a CD that will interest, if not confuse, the recipient. Can I play? Am I in? Can I sit with the cool kids at the lunch table?

Saraliz (aka 'Belle', 'Sara', 'S.G.', 'sagoodwi' and 'Hey You'.)

Kevin Smith said...

I'd be interested

waltzingmathilda said...

I'd like to try this out. I'm in

Chuck said...

I agree with mamacita: the scepter of retribution would encourage people, including me, to be as timely as possible with the mix! However, I've never left anyone in the cold. *wags finger at unkonwn slackers*

Count me in on the Evilosity mixmania :)