Saturday, March 04, 2006


Listening to: My Guilty Pleasures mix

SPLENATION (df.) - Providing rationale for statements or behaviors while venting one's spleen; not an actual word, I just made it up.

Neologistically inclined, no, not even inclined but reclining, baking and basking in the Sunshine of Your Love while cramming my face full of Wavy Lays dripping with ranch dip. Don't let it be said that I don't know how to make the most of a Saturday afternoon.

I'm finally home after a week of house/dog-sitting for my parents. Had I been given a decent internet connection, I would have regaled you all with tales from the center of the suburban vortex but as it was, I spent most of my week trying to get online. Early last week, my 3-year old son decided to make a nocturnal visit to the computer room and reconfigure things his nascent intellect was hardly prepared to explain so that daddy could re-reconfigure those things to make them right. Sparing you the tech-geeky details, I wasn't able to make everything right until some time yesterday afternoon.

Hobbled thus, my angel Mamacita agreed to handle my mixmania! obligations and all of you who agreed to participate should have received your notice by now. Your disks need to be mailed by St. Patty's Day, appropriately enough since those disks should reflect a certain level of inebriate indiscretion. Post your song lists April Fool's Day (the correct lists, you wags), as this is played.

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