Sunday, March 14, 2010

OH! To be her!

In better times, seeing what a phony tastes like

So, last year we filed taxes together, 'married, filing jointly' because the IRS likes everything on the up and up, supposedly.
However, this year we're no longer married and I need copies of those taxes.
Nope, she says, you can't have them.
What? I mean, I signed my name to that shit and everything, I should have them. Already one agency has asked for my taxes from the last three years and I have this big blank from last year, because she... well, she just doesn't want to give them to me. God knows why she just doesn't want to, maybe she has her reasons, but it seems fucked up.
Supposedly she's all spiritual and shit, moaning at the moon every other week with her supposedly-spiritual friends, burning incense and chanting in their made up moon people babble but, hey, isn't spirituality about treating people right?
Right. All you have to do is look at all the Christian assholes and Muslim assholes and Jewish Assholes and Hindu Assholes and on and on, with their guns and fire and bombs and frothing-at-the-mouth zealotry and you'll see that "spirituality" gets you a hole in the head when you're standing on the wrong end of dogma.
OK, not getting my taxes from last year is not the same as a hot poker down my gullet but stay with me, in some circles, it's just as good.
Per my last post, I live marginally -- hell, I wouldn't pay for internet except that sometimes I have to work from home when my kids are sick (I swear, that's the only reason... well, you got me there but it is handy) but we're frugal. No vacations here, no nights out. I'm no welfare mom.
So, as my last car was on its last legs, I decided to buy a truck from a co-worker, a big truck, a pig on gas but relatively new and reliable. What I didn't know (nor he) was that I'd have to pay nearly $500 to get plates on it. I'm not shitting you, $500 for plates on a 12 year old truck.
Tax refund, I figure, is the best way to get out of this conundrum, I can keep my trips to a minimum and keep the cops ignorant until I get my plates. Going on Turbo Tax, I find I get about $2000 more than I can figure out on paper -- cool. All I need to do is efile and all I need to do that is get a PIN from the IRS based on information from last year's filing.
Uh-huh. Except, she's not going to give me that even though, um, it's kind of mine, also?
This is a woman living off her dead dad's money, doesn't work at all, doesn't volunteer in the community, kind of squirrels up in the family's 200-acre compound and pretends she's head Hecuba for a handful of other aimless women, all going up to the Big House to bow down at the Goddess's feet. Big time spirituality and watch where you walk, motherfucker; bombs and all that shit.
Thing is, if I want to get my own copy of the tax forms, I have to ask the IRS to fax it to the nearest office (in Farmington, NM, a five hour round trip). On my expired tags (she doesn't have to purchase tags, dead daddy's company pays for those), in my vehicle (again, dead daddy's company pays for that), with my gas (ibid), taking a day of from my job (she doesn't need one, dead daddy, yadda)... yeah, there's your spirituality!
It's always amazed me how socialism is considered obscene in his country except how it applies to the rich (the hand outs go to them) and how "a sense of entitlement" gets bandied about for those of us struggling but those at the top -- again, they're immune, it means nothing.
Don't get me started on her lawyers insisting on me filing on 'married - filing separately' to benefit her rich ass (and keeping my kids from their EIC, which she had NO problem filing for last year!)...
Sorry for "my ex is such a bitch" post but there you have it.


Johnboy said...

Oh to be a trustafarian in this economy! She's probably pissing it away though - that's what 90% of the children and grandchildren of dead rich people do, because they never had to work for it and they are used to spending with impunity. I assume your town has plenty of volunteer work? I know lots of very wealthy people who inwardly glow and are truly beautiful, because they give back to their community so greatly (through volunteer service and their time, not by writing a conscience-clearing check). Sounds like your ex is not in that category and is an incredibly selfish person, but also a very lonely person. Too bad she doesn't try to give a little back to the community - that is what spirituality is all about. People get so wrapped up in the ritual that the ritual becomes a dogmatic religion and the spirituality is completely lost. Moaning at a hunk of rock 240,000 miles from Earth? To each his own I guess. Sounds like the moon is a stand-in for a dollar sign - that is obviously what she is really worshipping. What people like this woman will never understand is there is so much more to life than money. You may be poor, but I bet you are whole lot happier when you go to bed at night than this ugly, penurious, selfish, spiritually-starved person will ever be.

Anonymous said...

Go here:
get your PIN without her help.

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I'm so sorry, Jim.