Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still waters run ragged

I’m happy to report that the midget mafia is mad about Mythbusters. Their first taste of the show came last week with the Christmas myth episode (burning Christmas trees and building a Goldberg device) and they were instantly hooked. When I picked them up today, one of the first questions out of Zeke’s mouth was if we’d get to watch Mythbusters - that and if he could get a piece of bubble gum.

I love Mythbusters. In the midst of mayhem, things exploding for the most part, Mythbusters presents scientific explanations for their stunts along with some close approximation of the scientific method. This I can’t object to: blowed-up stuff in the service of rationalism. If my kids learn that science corrects itself, constantly trumping faith with each new twist and convolution, I’m elated to expose them thus. Put some lipstick on that pig and then throw its corpse into a brand new Corvette to see if the stench really makes $200 a steal, I say play it, someone will learn something.

Earn something.

Day Three Lexepro. Gritting my teeth and jittery, energetic, feeling myself reemerge as a shuffle becomes a stride. Tomorrow is a spinning top, twirling towards the edge and then the inevitable fall but now is nice; it holds promise. Nothing like last Tuesday where there were just two ways - out or up.

Soon, I can breathe. I know.


alala said...

I like Mythbusters too, though I only got to see it once. I spend hundreds of dollars and what feels like years on an airplane to get to the States, and then nobody ever believes that all I wanna do is watch TV.

Good luck w/ the meds.

Also, still can't get at the mixmania post comments, so I'm saying it here: can I play too? Pretty please? I already sent you the email.

vicki said...

I have nothing to say about mythbusters- I haven't seen it. I've seen you, tho and so have you. Hang in there, Jim. You've gotten this far so please, please, please hang in.

I spent years and years sterring people away from antidepressants-but that was before we had good, safe, effective ones. I have seen them work beautifully. Here's a myth: we should be able to just pull ourselves up and out of a bad mental state. The funny thing about this myth is that therapists know, rationally that that's a bunch of hooey and we're all, one way or another, influenced by a heavy dose of genetics and chemistry. That is, we know it/believe it about everyone but ourselves...

I'm wanting, more than anything, for you to feel more pleasure, less pain and whole. So, give it some time and the twitching will pass. And if it doesn't, get someone to tweak it for you rather than give up.

Sending you love and good cheer.

alala said...

oh, and also: "midget mafia?" HAGH! I am so using that!

my word verification word is hiffy: it's like huffy-lite, when you're miffed about something but not miffed enough to make a scene.

MizMell said...

Sometimes I think depression is the new cancer... striking so many with no rhyme or reason.

Be a survivor. My thoughts are with you and your family.