Monday, December 05, 2005

Here, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, PIG

Listening to: Ministry, The Land of Rape and Money

About a month ago, I had my minivan repo'd, the swine that finances vehicles sent lesser-swine to go take it away and charge me $70 to get carseats and the rest of my shit out of the blocked-up and towed car. Lilly was particularly disturbed by this since she'd arranged stickers and such on the wondow that was "hers" and there was no getting it back.

She asked, "What are you going to do about those people who stole are van?"

Whatever their karma is, they'll find out, I answered, and then had to explain what 'karma' is, a concept she's far too young to comprehend. In a 7-year old's universe, people don't do mean things unless they're a Disney villian.

There's your concept of the devil: a 7-year old's concept of someone who'd repo a van.

My own concept of the devil goes like this:

  • Conservative shithead: "We're sick of the chaos you peace & love dopeheads tried to get across in the 60's, it's just not working for us!"

  • Lilly Liberalheart: "We just wanted to validate everyone.... isn't that the ultimate goal of your so-called 'culture of life'?"

  • CS: "Fuck you, you Communist whore! No one matters unless they're making a lot of money! If they're not filthy rich it must be because it's because they haven't taken personal responsibility for their moral vagrancy!

  • LL: "I'm sorry but simple calculus should tell you that, in light of finite resources, some people will do really well and most will not; it has nothing to do with 'personal responsibility' and everything to do with how finite resources are allocated."

  • CS: "God will provide, you worthless cunt, just have faith!"

  • LL: "I don't know, calculus is fairly sound and I've seen how it works, but God's never shown his/her face."

This idiotic exchange has been in perpetuity since I was a little kid (I'm waiting for conservative shitheads to provide their calculus and provide the canard of economic distribution as a bad idea; I know that, if I get a thing, it will be wind).

I mention this because, if there is a Satan, he likes it when rich people fuck poor people; as I read the various Gospels (of the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, et al), it's the rich who are fucked. Call me a loony leftist but that's how all those scriptures play out.

Back to my idealistic daughter and her wondering how her dad who works too much could have his van "stolen"; honey, I can only tell you that the most important lesson to learn in life is, Life ain't fair.


z. said...

About the living in Mxico and sub-freezing temperatures. Sorry to pop your bubble but I wake up with 4°C, by noon we are at 27°, by 8 we are are 15° and at night it's cold again. So, I have to live all the seasons every day. I would prefer being in a place that is cold because at least it's cold the whole day.

I guess the grass i always greener...

Teri said...

That's a bitch. My heart is breaking for your poor kid. And having to explain it to her... Some things are never easy.

Natsthename said...

That totally sucks, but you did a fine job explaining it to the kiddo!

landismom said...

Wow, Jim, that really sucks. I hate having to explain shit like that to my kids.

Homer Jay said...

Jim- That sucks. Without getting into details, let's just say, I feel your pain.
Good luck.