Saturday, July 02, 2005

It's All Here, Now

Listening to: Kick-ass mix sent to me by Hank from Hank's Place

Hank's mix is incredible and I love how he did a variation on the Summer Mix. Go to Hank's Place to see what he did - Hank's a great guy, a loving dad & husband, a heart of gold. He's been a supporter since before this blog started (he was a frequent commenter at my late lamented political blog) and his blog deserves much more traffic than it gets. Anyway, he sent me his mix in appreciation for me hosting this little party and he sent another disk for the troops.

This little game has been the source of overwhelming joy for me. I'm amazed at how well people have stepped up and really put their hearts into their mixes. Considering how the motive for mixmania! is to introduce us to bloggers we might not normally read, I've found some excellent new places to visit.

Here's the players - go check out their blogs. This list is kind of random but I think everyone will be included.

You got the low down on Hank; go there - -
whoever gets his mix will love the disk, as will the troops.

Sarah at My Minutae
not only posted her songlist but also an alternate songlist representing a different state of mind. A very entertaining read, as always, Sarah's blog is great fun, a new daily stop for me.

Betsy from My Whim is Law - -
gives us a decade-by-decade breakdown to explain her choices. She's about the same age as me (I think) and from her choices, it sounds like we were hanging out in the same crowd ("Dude!").

The ever delectable Zandee from So-Then-What - - promises her songlist is going up tomorrow, she's too tired at the moment. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt, for now, but throw her into the list below if she's still dragging ass this time tomorrow.

Vicki (O! Vicki!) from Outside/In - -
has sent her match TWO DISKS, her mix plus a performance by her jazz-sax son. I don't know who was lucky enough to get Vicki's package (Vicki says the blogger is pretty music savvy) but I'm bummed it's not me.

Sterling from Sterfish's Place - - does another wonderfully eclectic mix that leans more into hip-hop and electronica but also has some cool summer pop. Ster adds his informed slant on his picks. The dude is awesome.

Genuine's list -
- is up but he only gripes about not having his 18-year old body.

Taamar - - gives a harrowing account of growing up and becoming an adult. Bittersweet memories of music, just the ticket. Taamar has a wonderful blog (with loads of pics of food!) and she's another newfound pleasure.

Mamacita - - got so busy with her mixes she made TWO. Whoever gets Mamacita's disks had better be bygod grateful (and post a nice review of the disks) cuz' she's The Queen of Everything That's Right With the Blogosphere.

Silly Old Bear - - has a list of songs I had considered including on my disk.

Kathy from Out in the Woods - - provides a very sweet explanation of her choices (and provides links to download the cuts!). She's also a wonderful recent discovery and I need to reciprocate the linkage love!

Lu - - reveals a very cool mix. Of course, I'll get to hear it... :-)

Chuck -
- mixes it up with some laid-back country-ish stuff (PERFECT summer picnic groove!) and tells you why. Another crazy liberal dude like me and glad he signed on so I have another excellent blog to read.

Elizabeth - - does what I was initially going to do: go to the way-back and recall echoes from a much younger time.

Nat -
- Dammit, I wasn't even a third into her list when I was thinking, "Shit! I should have thought of that one!" Considering her blog is a mostly music-oriented blog, you know she'd make a killer mix...

Amy -
Like so many of the lists I've seen, there's so many songs that made me think, "Yeah, I should have put that one on my list!" Her list is good reading, too, it's always fun to read what feelings and memories are aroused by the songs on the mix.

Just Heather -
Also a fun read and she asks an excellent question of her female readers (it went *whoosh!* on me...). Heather claims she's a "non-music" person and yet, has managed to make a great mix.

Heather -

The Happy Heathen takes issue to the public spanking I gave the tardy and, in true form, gets over it to reveal another excellent mix. She mixed a wonderful (and DARK) disk back in April and does not disappoint because this is a completely different mix.

Chasmyn -
Wow. What a GREAT mix! And I was wondering who would include the essential "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction on their mix... well, it's here folks! She also asks, "How could a summertime mix NOT include the Grateful Dead?" Indeed.

A True Jersey Girl -

I'm blown away by how good all the mixes have been. Anyone who includes Fugazi, Sonic Youth, AND Bruuuuuuuuuce on their mix earns my admiration!

Jen -
Delivers well - and who would doubt otherwise? Jen's always a fun read and he brief explanation for her mix is worth you clicking over there to check her out.

Panthergirl -
Panthergirl sent me a copy of her April mix and I hope I'm so lucky this time around. Like her, it's a delicious mix (with her inclusion of The Turtles and my inclusion of The Raspberries, you know we were twins seperated at birth!).

Homer Jay -

Puts a lot of kids songs on his disk - very cool!

Grace -
FINALLY makes good on posting her list but it was worth the wait. Wonderfully funny commentary and a tremendous mix.

Lauren -
Again creates a wonderfully diverse and obscure mix as she did back in April. And again, I'm hoping she drew my name.

The Zero Boss -
Mixes another strangely eclectic mix with explanations for why he's strangely eclectic. I'm giving him righteous props here (for FINALLY posting his list) although anyone who reads me KNOWS he has his list up). Not that I've never been accused of redundancy, hmmm?!?

Autumn -
Also FINALLY gets her songlist posted (along with some splendid commentary) and it's well worth the wait. Very cool mix for hot summer days.

Busy Me -
Finally posts her list, a few explanations of why her selections mean "summer" to her and a promise to provide further explanantions in the near future.

Matt -
Finally gets his list posted (via his fiance) but with a couple Gorilaz tunes and a couple of Disney classics, the tardiness is almost excused.

For fuck's sake,
Sarah -

This dude has not posted his song list yet, so go harrass him... WTF?!?

Jamie -

Until then, think about what theme you'd like to see for August. So far the miniscule concensus has leaned towards a "sing-out-loud" mix but that seems a bit redundant after the Summer mix (most people who participated for the summer mix made it clear their songs were "sing-out-loud"). The other suggestions were "Work out mix" and "Party mix". My suggestion is a "Driving Late at Night" mix. I'll be taking suggestions until July 15 and voting for themes will end July 31.


Jen said...

Gah! I know! I suck! I'm getting there!~

Anonymous said...

I vote for "HOT AUGUST NIGHTS". No, not Neil Diamond.

Hot songs you like to have steaming sex to and the like.

Hey, what can I say I'll be in the six week double secret post partum probation at that point!

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Driving Songs"?

Some other things I've noticed in my collection:

Weather songs
Number songs
Color songs
Food songs

Not necessarily in the title, of course, but if you extend it to lyrics, most of those are really ripe for the picking in many genres.

Panthergirl said...

Ok! Ok! Uncle!

Anonymous said...

I second the nomination for "driving songs"-- a road trip mix.

Thumbs down on the workout mix unless we are talking about the kind of exercise that Genuine is suggesting. ; )

Anonymous said...

We suck to - but somehow moving, packing, graduation, and dealing with my flareis getting inthe way. Soon, I swear.

Also, Matt's blog is - he's got his own place. :)

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

As I have been a recipient of one of your 'Driving' mixes, I can only say that it was AWESOME and the idea should be shared.

However, since I am your most devoted reader, and president of your fan club, I must also say that any kind of mix you suggest is more-than-fine with me.

You sweet thang you.

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

As I have been a recipient of one of your 'Driving' mixes, I can only say that it was AWESOME and the idea should be shared.

However, since I am your most devoted reader, and president of your fan club, I must also say that any kind of mix you suggest is more-than-fine with me.

You sweet thang you.

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

I have no idea why that posted twice.

Betsy said...

I'm also leaning towards driving late at night. But I think the mix after *that* ought to be endings and beginnings - songs that mark the end of an era, songs you remember from when you started a new phase in your life. Both good and bad, of course...

Anonymous said...

Ok, already.

I posted my list.

I know you are all just dying to get my cd!


Kathy said...

Just stopped by the computer for a quick fix...I'm out on the water this weekend (not the woods)and cannot wait to check out all of the mixes and all of the songs! Yes, I had a great time doing this, but I don't think you can download my songs, just listen to them. TypePad made some changes and now I can't even put the links up for the rest of them. Enjoy the ones I got up there!
I like the Hot August Nights suggestion! Or driving! Anything!

Easy said...

I'll post my summer mix very soon, and I'll be doing a variation on the driving mix as well..

True Jersey Girl said...

Mine is up! Mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay... I posted, already! I did mail it on time though, if that helps redeem me in any way.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I didn't "officially" participate, but Heather said you had a good use for the extra CDs, so I sent mine in with hers and posted the song list.