Monday, July 11, 2005

The "Wait a half hour and if it still hurts, I'll do something" cure

Listening to: U of M Jazz Ensemble, Celebration Suite for Gerry Mulligan (w/ Vicki's son on baritone sax)

Links for the mixmania! participant's blogs can be found *HERE* (as well as links for the slackers who have STILL not posted their song lists) so you can find out who mixed your gem - or harass one of the guilty if you still don't have your disk.

Damn, that's a long lead-in. I'd love to shorten it but - well, TOOMA says I'm too militant (a righteous anger, however, says she) - it would be a brief thing if everyone had ponyed up as they promised. I'd like it to say, "See your mixmania! links here" and leave it at that. We'll see.

I just hope August's mixmania! is hitch-less (and bitchless, er, meaning I don't have anything to bitch about). So far I've had several suggestions on the theme for the next how-do-ya-do and they include:
  • A work-out mix
  • Driving mix (meaning driving a car, I assume)
  • Drinking songs (considering what I do, hopefully not done in tandem with the above suggestion)
  • Blue
  • Animals
  • Covers
  • Night
  • Cars (not to be confused with driving, says the suggester)
  • Alphabet soup (i.e. "done a couple of ways The last
    letter in the song title must be the same letter that
    the next song title begins with. Alternatively use
    the artist name in the same fashion. Or a combination
    of those two. And there's always the straight ABC
    also, though at 26 songs we're probably talking a 2 CD
  • Sing-a-long
  • Reminds me of home

If I spaced your suggestion, please remind me.

I'm voting for "driving" because my suggestion was "driving late at night" although I think it'd be best to leave it at just "driving" and let you decide where the driving is being done: cruising the Av, along Highway One, Route 66, to Granny's house, etc., and you can just assume mine will be about "late at night" (to be explained in a later post). I'll make this post where everyone can vote - voting ends midnight MST July 31 and on August 1 I'll announce the theme as well as our next round of a disk exchange. You have until 11:59 MST Friday night to suggest a theme (also on this link) but I'll start taking votes, now, immediately, get to it, it's your mixmania! after all.

Oh, and the title of this post. Lilly was complaining of a "sore leg" - fair enough, at her age I had growing pains as well and, as I remember, they weren't fun. But I also remember that they went away.

The title of my post reflects how I answer the pain. Within 10 minutes, she's asleep and the crisis has passed.

Daddy kisses still rule.


Taamar said...

I have a great mix of covers, but i fear that may be too limiting a theme.

lu said...

Put a little slash mark next to the driving theme for moi. I like that there is some wiggle room for interpretation on that one.

Oh, and yes, your kisses do rule. ; )

Heather said...

Ditto me on the driving theme. Sounds like fun.

Hank said...


A Sing-a-long mix would be way to much fun.

But if the Cover Mix wins, I suggest a Stretch Goal for mixers: no songs from tribute albums. Covers that the band liked enough to put on their own albums are cooler than picking a song off the I Am Sam soundtrack.

Homer Jay said...

Is it too late to make another suggestion? I was thinking a Reminds Me of Home mix. Home could be any place you've resided and felt safe, comfortable and happy.
If it is too late, I think I'd vote for the Sing A Long mix.

vicki said...

waiting...waiting...waiting. Okay, while I am, I want to thank EVERYBODY, especially Jim, who sent CDs for Bill and the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. I cannot tell you how these are going to make someone's day. Thank you a thousand fold and as soon as I get some pictures from Bill I'll send them right on to Jim and also get them posted at my place.

vicki said...

The "wait..." line reminds me of our line around here: "If you're well enough to get up and pee, you're well enough to go to school."

Sterfish said...

I have two ideas for a theme. First up is a Weird mix. The idea would be to put the most unusual songs that you like on this mix. The other is a Guilty Pleasure mix. This would contain the songs you like but would be ashamed to admit in public.

Bernadette said...

No yoga mix?!

Silly Old Bear said...

Call me strange, but I like the idea of 'Drinking Songs'

Second would be 'Driving Songs'

But like you said, they don't mix...


Natsthename said...

I vote for driving...

I suggested a party mix, though! ;)