Sunday, July 03, 2005

OUCH!!! My mixmania! songlist and all that

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Posting on the 4th of July weekend is sheer stupidity, I know. No one's around to read this tripe, much less comment. Where the hell are the comments?

Of course, I've been so busy with Blogging Baby that I haven't had any time to read and comment on my usual haunts. And in my experience here, you gotta' give love to get some.

Anyway, here's the list, so stop flapping yer lips (just leave a comment, wouldja'?):

Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Ain't Got No Home
In Lu's explanation of her list, she says The Lost Boys is "one of the greatest summer flicks of all time" and puts a song from the soundtrack on her mix. This song isn't on the soundtrack although the kid who gets mixed up with the vampires sings this while taking a bath. How is it a summer song? Not because of The Lost Boys but because I heard it for my first time the summer I was 16 (it was on some oldies compilation) and it got played every morning to get my day started.

Offspring, Come Out and Play
This was EVERYWHERE the summer of 95' and Pulp Fiction was still in theatres. The Dick Dale-ish guitar line was perfect and a portent for an absolutely psychotic summer.

These boys didn't really hit the US until after Highway to Hell and this was from a few albums before that. I was in Hawaii when I first heard this, on the beach in Honolulu (I was living there at the time) and me and my mates would scream the "OY! OY! OY!" out the window of a dangerous 71' Plymouth Satellite (Mopar 383) at all the tourists.

The Hives, Walk Idiot Walk
Last summer, this was cranked in my car and I'd be screaming "Walk idiot walk!" at every stupid driver I came across. Summertime in the Springs (a tourist town) means moron drivers from everywhere in the universe. However, this is too good a song to waste on driver stupidity, especially since it harkens back to Raw Power-era Iggy.

Hot Hot Heat, Bandages
This was on a mix given to me by a friend, so I came upon this a little late. The Wurlitzer organ makes it summer for me (aside from the fact that this song got a lot of play the summer of 2003); the sound of a carnival ride.

Dandy Warhols, Shakin'
I heard this in a record store the day it was released and the CD instantly went into my heavy rotation. This song was my fist-pumping, shout-it-out-loud song back in August 2000 and an excellent tune for designing websites.

Electric Light Orchestra, Mr. Blue Sky
When I was 16, I was more into punk and metal while my brother was more into pop stuff. He bought this album but I appropriated this disk (it was double-album) as my greet-the-day anthem, especially this song - for obvious reasons.

Solomon Burke, Cry to Me
OK, it's a chick flick but Dirty Dancing has to be in the Top Ten Best Summer Flicks
considering the business it did (and it was about summer, afterall) and this song was being played in the scene where Patrick Swayze teaches Jennifer Grey to dirty dance in his room. I'd been into Solomon Burke since way before the movie (I was dragged to see it by the person I was dating at the time) but since that movie, this song evokes that scene and so, summer.

The Raspberries, Go All the Way
I was 11 when this was zooming up the charts and this was THE PERFECT SONG for an 11-year old off from school for the summer, with nothing but time, and just discovering girls. And wondering just what "Go All the Way" entailed.

Love & Rockets, Mirror People
I was never really into the whole goth thing (but, oh, Goth Girls!!!) but this song had me shouting out my car windows the summer of 1998, "I wish I could be nothing at ah-ahlllll!!!"

Devo, Freedom of Choice
Again, in Hawaii. Whip It was the hit but this was, by far, the best song on this album. I saw them on this tour (in Honolulu) and the show was AWESOME.

Tones on Tail, Go!
I was in a club in Denver when the DJ spun this up and suddenly, the floor was packed. I went out and bought the single the next day because what's summer without being able to say, "yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah"?

T. Rex, Telegram Sam
I was 13 and just getting into smoking pot when a friend turned me onto this. Most of my pothead friends were into Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc., but this guy was into Bowie, T. Rex, and Mott the Hoople and was really smart. Of all the songs on this disk, this is the only one that conjures up a memory of summer indoors, with the shades drawn, doing bong hits.

Sweet, Ballroom Blitz
I loved this band (until they decided they wanted to be 10cc) because they were unashamedly pop-metal. This is quintessentially an "Oh, turn it up!" song.

Weezer, Hashpipe
The first time I heard this was over the internet, in a chat room, a buddy of mine had just bought the CD. It was (and still is) brilliant. Perfect summertime philosophy, You’ve got your problems, I’ve got my ass wipe; You’ve got your big cheese, I’ve got my hash pipe.

John Lee Hooker, Boom, Boom
It was the summer of 1976 and Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way" was all over the radio - and I hated it. My dad had just been stationed in Montgomery, Alabama, and I was making record stores my salvation in lieu of meeting friends. I ended up buying a few blues compilations and "Boom, Boom" was on one of them. Although Howlin' Wolf would later come to define my misanthropic pose, this song gave me my start at that.

Phish, 46 Days
Back in the late 80's, I saw Phish at a small venue and although I thought the show was incredible, I wasn't too impressed with the crowd, felt they were like deadheads-lite, and so I was kind of turned off by the whole Phish thing. A few years later, I was shrooming at a bonfire when I heard this CD (Round Room) and reconsidered my disdain. Someone gave me a tape of this CD (and a few Phish bootlegs) but it's this song that carries me back to my summer spent Phishing with pounds of superb New Mexican psilocybin.

Built to Spill, Happiness
Doug Martsch does some wacked-out blues and it was 4th of July four years ago that I first heard this, perfect 4th of July music. "Happiness'll only happen when it can," and if happiness can't happen in the summertime then nothing's right in the world.

Sebadoh, Flame
Hanging out on Brent's balcony almost every night, too hot to stay inside, arguing politics (Bush v. Gore), religion (smacking down the neanderthal who believed God put dinosaur bones into the firma to make trouble), and all things innapropriate. So when this came on the radio, it was good to speed away from all that to see who it was. Not like the punkier Sebadoh I was familiar with, trippier and hot. Just like that summer.

Del Amitri, Just Like a Man
Every summer needs a heartbreak song and this came just in time when I'd been kicked to the curb by the woman I thought was my destiny. I thought only girls liked Del Amitri until I heard this song and took it to heart.

Sly & The Family Stone, Family Affair
I was 12-years old and spending the summer at my grandparent's cabin on the Chesepeake Bay at a resort community. Evenings were spent at the local Community Center, shyly taking the hand of a girl with dark eyes and black, curly hair. No other song reminds me of that more than this jewell by S&TFS.

Jackson 5, I Want You Back
I remember being in a tent in San Diego, too hot to sleep, a transistor AM radio blaring this song and thinking, "Life is better with this song in it." I was probably about 8 or 9-years old at that moment of transcendance.

Like Mamacita (and several others), I could have gone on for several disks bringing back the sounds of summer. This was a kick to mix, though and from surfing around looking at other people's songlists, it appears others had a good time as well. I'll update the non-compliant list tonight (panthergirl informed me that hers is now up).

Also, more suggestions on themes, although the driving one (my preference) has gotten some positive responses. I'll keep you posted, so to speak.


lu said...

I loved reading this post! No doubt, as I was your ever so helpful assistant, I will score a copy of your amazing mix. ; )

Oh, and sure, it's selfish of me but I am unabashedly happy that your destiny wasn't realized with the heartbreaker.

Natsthename said...

So HEEEERE's a comment...HAPPY 4th!!

Man, you have a great songlist. THE Raspberries!!! WOO HOO!!

vicki said...

Great list, Jim- and wonderful annotation! Lucky duck gets your mix!
As I write this we are just at the beginning of the biggest thunderstorm of the season- BIG WEATHER! Lightening, wind, thunder- it's grand.
Not that that has anything at all to do with your fine efforts this month for Mix Mania. Thanks so much.

z. said...

Hi! The direct link to my list is

Natsthename said...

And the direct link to my list is.....

TrueJerseyGirl said...

What a great mix - hope I am the lucky one who gets it. Although all the songlists I have seen have been pretty damn interesting.

chasmyn said...

Oh, I cannot believe I got this done late. My complete list is here:

I was futzing around with my blog and...but nw its done and on its way out. Apologies to my recipient!

Amy said...

Ay Carumba! This was a busy weekend. Yes, I'm a slacker, but the CD is going out tomorrow morning and my playlist is posted.

At least I didn't TOTALLY flake out!

The Zero Boss said...

Heh! Ballroom Blitz was on my last mix. :) Great tune.

And no, I haven't done mine yet, primarily because the machine with the burner was AWOl in OK. I'll endeavor to crank this out tonight. Yeah, I suck.

Homer Jay said...

Nyah Nyah Nyah! I got this one in the mail today. Wow! I am ashamed to admit that I haven't heard of 3/4s of the artists on the mix and I love the exposure to new stuff.
I have to say, it reminds me of my first serious girlfriend (1986ish) and my pothead little brother (Not Cherry Pie)
Well, thanks for the great mix. Can't wait for next month.