Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day three not smoking: looking for someone who deserves a sound caning

Listening to: Lu's delicious mix (sent to me out of *LOVE*) - if you're not up to speed on any of that, you need to hie thee head over to her place for a massive dose of heart.

Note: Instead of putting up numerous posts to announce when bloggers get their lists posted, I've decided to just keep updating this post. You'll just have to keep checking this post to see who has their list up.

Here's where to go to check for your songlists:

Hank -
Sarah (My Minutae) -
Betsy -
Zandee -
Vicki -
Sterling -
Genuine -
Taamar -
Mamacita -
Silly Old Bear -
Kathy -
Lu -
Chuck -
Elizabeth -
Nat -
Amy -
Just Heather -
Heather -
Chasmyn -
A True Jersey Girl -
Jen -
Panthergirl -
Homer Jay -
Grace -
Lauren -
The Zero Boss -
Autumn -
Busy Me -
Matt -
Sarah -

Extended descriptions of the lists can be found HERE although you're better off just clicking the links. I don't post permalinks because part of the fun of mixmania! is to discover new blogs. If you have to search around for someone's list, it means you're probably reading their blog.

Go to the end of this post for the final stragglers who really, really need their cages rattled. If you haven't received your disk, the culprits are probably below and need a sound kicking towards the "put up or shut up" corner.

I've been totally blown away by the exceptional quality of these mixes - and the response for the troops. My mailbox was PACKED yesterday with packages with mixes to be forwarded onto the troops. Thanks to Sterling (who sent his April mix and his summer mix and included copies for lil' ol me!), Kathy, and Elizabeth, for sending along your disks and thoughts to the troops. As Sterling said on his blog,
No matter how you feel about the war, we can all agree that the soldiers are not the ones to blame. They are risking their lives and need our support. I hope the Mixmania CDs that get sent can help them even in the smallest way. Let's hope and pray that they can get back home as quickly as possible.

Right on, Ster, my sentiments exactly.

Oddly, posting all of this has gotten me over my teeth-grinding frustration at wanting a cigarette (although I'll also attribute listening to the mix from TOOMA thrice over) and my whacking of this dude for STILL NOT posting his list:

Jamie -

Update (7/26/05): WTF?!? Dude's last post was 6/22 and then I see he's posted today on... nothing much at all. A few comments there saying, "hey, get it in gear" (in so many words) but no response. Kind of fucked up and chickenshit.

Go knock loudly and remind them that inquiring minds have to know....


lu said...

WooHoo! Day three and going strong. I am sooo proud of you.

All the mixes are fabulous. I have yet to find one that I wouldn't be thrilled to receive and everyone seems to be having a blast. Kudos to you and Mamacita for bringing Mixmania to the masses.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Please please please tell me where to mail my mix for the troops. Its sitting right here, ready to go out. I emailed you but maybe you didn't get it - I must have missed where to send them to.

vicki said...

I'm with Lu and I keep checking the mailbox to see which mix I get!

Keep it up, keep us posted and spout off about anything and everything, especially if it helps you quit.

The Zero Boss said...

Working on it, dude. Still digging out from under a mountain of work caused by a two-week absence. I WILL get to this, hopefully tonight!

The Zero Boss said...

But yeah, I still feel ashamed. Even with the whole "death in the family" excuse.

Homer Jay said...

I am SORRY. I sent the disks today they should arrive by friday. I am currently posting my playlist. In fact I came here to get the link so I could refer the ignorant to you for answers.
I had a difficult week with the family but that is no excuse please forgive and I will do better next time.

Mamacita said...

Is it

Mamacita said...

Is it too late to send you cd's for the troops? Mine are sitting right here in plain sight and I don't even have a viable excuse; I just forgot to mail them.

I'm so bad; I deserve a spanking.

Mamacita said...

Every time I try to comment on someone's blog, it gets all weird.

I SUPPOSE it could be me. . . .

Silly Old Bear said...

Okay, first off, I volunteer to help spank Mamacita.

Now that that is out of the way, I posted my list on 7/1 but due to a rare alignment of the planets (plus a flat tire, a 300 mile road trip with three small children, and a Sunday mixed with the Fourth of July holiday) I didn't actually mail them until July 5. Please don't shoot me, I'm only the CD player.

Anyway, I mailed my mixee's disk, and I mailed two to you (Jim) for the troops, one of which is a different mix than the other and I forgot to write down the playlist. But you can shoot me for that, if you must.

Homer Jay said...

Ok. Here's my list. Now will ya get off my back? Just kidding.
BTW, congratulations for giving up smoking. Keep fighting the good fight.

Homer's Mix Mania List

Autumn said...

You'll get mine and MAtt's lists asap. We spent all last week moving and graduating, and I'm attempting NOT to flare again. Sometimes, people do have to put themselves first.

Apologies for the delays, but I did comment letting you know what was up.

Also, Apologies if this is snippy, but I haven't had more then 4 hours of sleep in over a week, and am in more pain then I have in ages - I may be a bit sensative.

Kathy said...

I sent mine out on Friday and got Lu's mix on Tuesday! And she had it all decorated with flip flops all over! So creative! And a great mix!

I meant to send an extra copy for you! I thought about it, I made the third CD but popped it into my car player and there it stayed!

On another note, how about songs about drinking? One day I was looking for a song I had heard - something like "Whiskey Don't Fail Me" and found about 10,000 songs about Whiskey. But not the one I wanted....

Sterfish said...

Glad to see that you got the CDs! You'll have to let me know what you think of the mixes.

And to those who didn't finish the mixes right away, don't worry too much about it. I went through a good amount of crap to get my discs ready. I could've easily been in that "dog pound" of people who hadn't posted their mix yet. But all that crap was definitely well worth it.

GraceD said...

A "sound caning" - you're very Dickens-esque when you don't smoke, my dear.

Yes! Tomorrow! On it! Watch me! Go, Grace, go!

Anonymous said...

Mine is posted!


Libertine said...

I found this idea on the Glory Road blog, and I've done my list.

Check it out at:

GraceD said...

Dude: Done! Damn.

Autumn said...

Mine's up and running.

Amy said...

Um, yeah, I'm one of those people who haven't received it yet.

Yoo hoo, whoever has me, a little mail will make my day, seriously. I look forward to opening that mailbox to see what surprises await me!

Autumn said...

Matt's is up... I snuck on and posted it. HA!

Taamar said...

Still nothing :(

Amy said...

Me neither! :(

Lizzie said...

Okay...I received my disk about two weeks ago, but I can't figure out who sent it...because I'm a dumbass like that...but, love my disk. Going to fess up on my blog as well, about me being a dumbass I mean.

dazed_hippie said...

Okay, i think i deleted the email that contained the person i was supposed to be sending my mix to. I'm sarah,

and if you all want the excuse as to why i'm such a lazy pants, go ahead and go to my blog. i'm not typing that jank again.